Desperate Endurance: A Riverview Novel


Bethany vows to find a murder victim’s son as he requested as he died. Meeting Roger, Bethany realizes his help is essential in solving the murder of his father. Feeling an urge to protect Riverview's newest resident, Roger stands fast by Bethany's side, trying hard to keep her safe. The killers trail Bethany in spite of her attempts to mislead them. The people of Riverview help Bethany foil a kidnapping plot, but can they save her?

free kindle book Desperate Endurance: A Riverview Novel
Format Kindle ebook
Published 17 Jan 2014
Pages 368
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Book Details

Traveling alone from one Endurance event to another across the USA after her divorce, Bethany witnesses a murder. Escaping into the night after the victim dies in her arms, begging her to get some papers to his son, Bethany uses her next event to hide from the killers. Warned to trust no one as "Cole owns everything", Bethany fears even calling in the authorities. Changing her appearance, dying her hair and acting the role of a sassy redhead, she manages to stay ahead of them for a while. Finally making it to Riverview, Colorado, she meets the victim's son, Roger. He quickly realizes she needs help and he attempts to protect her from danger. In a final show down with the mastermind, her courage and riding skills are tested. Can she survive the final race to safety?

Step into rural America and the sport of Endurance Horse Riding. People standing together to protect each other and riders who close ranks against outsiders. This book honestly portrays those who live far from city streets and those who ride rugged trails at speed for the fun and challenge of the event.

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