Crumbs of Me: A Haiku Collection


This collection of haikus explores the endless possibilities that this ever popular poetry form offers. The range of the subjects that appear in this small collection encompasses the human existence in its entirety. At the same time, the poet manages to give a new twist to the age old form of haiku. An exploration worth venturing!

free kindle book Crumbs of Me: A Haiku Collection
Format Kindle ebook
Published 11 Aug 2015
Pages 60
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Re-inventing the haiku and the Self! Chandrakant Kaluram Mhatre, the author of amazon bestsellers One Hundred Poems of Tukaram & One Hundred Poems of Chokha Mela, explores in this haiku collection the possibilities of the world's most popular poetry form. Transcending the traditional subject matter of the haikus - nature - but not excluding it, he delves deep into questions that arise in our lives. Questions that vary from the most mundane to the most perplexing. And in these explorations, he comes up with a new form of haiku that is equally intricate, yet easily accessible to readers of all denotations. A treat indeed for all haiku lovers these CRUMBS OF ME! From the author's DEFENSE OF THE TROIKU: "Not that i am not in the know of the traditional form of haiku. But can i do any better than the Masters who practiced and perfected it centuries ago? Nor that i am not aware of haiku’s modern avatars. But can a haiku be a haiku if it does not have its own distinct form? Thus i stumbled upon what i humbly call TROIKU, a haiku in the form of 3-6-9! And this tiny collection of haikus charts my journey so far in the search of a perfect troiku! My patient reader, it is entirely yours to decide the merit of this journey."

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