Cross Academy


Humanity has battled demons for 350 years now. After witnessing the massacre of her family, sixteen-year-old Fox Fire joins Cross Academy, an institution built for the purpose of slaying demons. Fox devotes herself to demon-hunting but faces a difficult decision when her best friend becomes possessed by one. Fox must decide if she will spare her only companion or remain loyal to the Cross. Either way, the consequences will be devastating.

free kindle book Cross Academy
Format Kindle ebook
Published 17 Aug 2015
Pages 319
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Book Details

Cross Academy is a dark fantasy featuring demons, witches, and other supernatural creatures. If you love fast paced action combined with magic then this book is for you.

Allow me to place your bare feet on the dirt roads of a 350 year old village. Let me take you past the bedraggled tribesmen and the babbling merchants shouting of their latest treasure. I want to guide you to the outskirts of the village and show you the walls that stand over 30 meters high and 5 meters thick. These walls encircle the entire village, they keep the danger out…but they lock you in.

What’s outside? Demons.

Humanity was pushed to the brink of extinction when legions of demons crawled from beneath the earth and devoured two-thirds of the world’s population in a single night. For centuries, humans have been locked in a war with monsters—and they are not winning. There comes a day when the evil supernatural creatures break through the village walls and this time they hit with a vengeance.

Sixteen-year-old Fox Fire watches as her village is reduced to rubble. The loss of her family leads her to join Cross Academy, an institution dedicated to destroying demons. Here she risks her life in multiple exams, battling classmates and demons alike, as she develops skills and learns how to combat the monsters. Its not long before Fox is recognized as a fully-fledged demon-hunter but her loyalty is put to the test when her best friend becomes possessed.

Fox must decide if the life of one boy is worth more than the lives of everyone she could save by eliminating him.