Conversations with Tom


The story of Jeff and Tom will be familiar to, and amuse, most cat owners. Our pets are so much more than just animals and, like Jeff, many of us have lively conversations with them. You’ll fall in love with Tom and laugh at his witty insights into the importance of tuna, making lists and why dogs are to blame for the black plague. The perfect read for animal lovers.

free kindle book Conversations with Tom
Format Kindle ebook
Published 5 Feb 2017
Pages 282
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When Jeff and his wife Lisa adopt a kitten named Tom, they have no idea their marriage is in trouble. When the fluffy kitten turns out to be a boisterous cat, hell-bent on destroying furniture, Lisa realises life isn’t turning out the way she’d planned. Tom’s conviction that 4am really is the best time of day, plus her husband’s disastrous business sense, soon drives Lisa into the arms of another man.

Newly single, and at a loss, Jeff turns to his cat for a sympathetic furry ear. The witty and convincingly cat-like character he imagines becomes the friend he so desperately needs. But as his owner agonises about love and life, Tom concerns himself with more important matters, such as soliciting tuna and how to get better acquainted with the neighbour’s rabbit. Although they don’t always understand each other, Jeff and Tom form an unbreakable bond – until a trip to the vet changes everything…

Here is what a reviewer thought: “Conversations with Tom” is one of those books that leave you with a warm, happy feeling after you read the last words. But that’s not the only reason why I enjoyed this story. First of all, I found it very compelling the way it was written, with one of the main protagonists being a ginger cat named Tom, and who has a very distinctive voice of his own. His owner, Jeff, got him as a kitten while he was still married to Lisa; only, soon it turned out that his “relationship” with Tom would outlive his marriage. I admit, I didn’t fancy Jeff that much in the very beginning of the story. A typical dreamer who comes up with good ideas, but doesn’t have enough drive or will-power to pursue what he loves and believes in. However, as the story unraveled, and Jeff finally encountered something (or someone, - I won’t give away the plot here, so you can enjoy the story for yourselves) that he’s ready to fight for, he gained not only my sympathy, but my utmost respect for this transformation. What I also enjoyed was that the story didn’t just revolve around a romance, but addressed such important social issues as one’s social standing, marriage and divorce, overbearing parents, and many more. A highly recommended read! 5stars.

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