Coffee, Love, and Other Stimulants


Good coffee is easy—true love is a little harder for Kate, a pharmaceutical student who has a knack for finding the wrong man. Can Kate wake up and smell the coffee and realize Mr. Right has been right there all along?

free kindle book Coffee, Love, and Other Stimulants
Format Kindle ebook
Published 13 Jul 2014
Pages 154
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Good coffee is easy—true love is a little harder for Kate, a pharmaceutical student who has a knack for finding the wrong man. While she finishes college, Kate tries to focus on a life where hazelnut syrup in her coffee is enough of a satisfaction. But what is she to do when the wrong guys keep hitting on her? It’s no help that her roommate Samantha—aka Sam—has already found the love of her life and keeps urging Kate to live it up a little. But will Kate wake up and smell the love in the air and realize Mr. Right has actually been right next to her for a very long time?

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