Cicero's Dead


Jade wants to find her brother. Her dad, Cicero Lamont, has died mysteriously. She needs help. She calls LA’s newest hardboiled detective Nick Crane. Crane uncovers motive and opportunity like a surgeon wielding a Glock. His colorful sidekicks add accuracy and flavor to this hard-edge thriller. Prepare for lean, direct storytelling about tough, cynical characters that dance from LA to San Francisco.

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Format Kindle ebook
Published 3 Nov 2014
Pages 267
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Book Details

Cicero Lamont dealt drugs in massive quantities making huge profits and lots of enemies until one night he was introduced to a steel bumper in a hit-and-run and now he's dead. His daughter, Jade, has also just learned that her mom has committed suicide and now her brother, Richie, is missing. Jade hires Nick Crane to find Richie and to track down whoever murdered their father, but as the old saying goes, 'be careful what you wish for', because 300 million dollars cuts an awful lot of family ties.

Cicero's Dead by Patrick H. Moore is hard-boiled noir at its finest. A noir thriller needs to have a solid protagonist, and Nick Crane is a very fine addition to the canon. Though he's heavily reminiscent of Marlowe and the greats, this is a testament to Patrick Moore's writing: Nick Crane is an incredibly strong character with a vivid narrative voice. A nice touch is giving Nick a punk rock wife and adopted daughter, bringing Crane into the modern age. Moore is firmly in control of his narrative and his characters throughout the novel.