Broken Reed: The Lords of Gower and King John


This is real history told in a story-telling style accessible to the layman but academically sound. William de Breos rose to a position of great power and influence as a close confidant of King John, but when his wife revealed John's greatest secret John's revenge was brutal. The fall of the de Breos family was the final spark that lit the fire of Magna Carta and led to the offer of the English crown to the prince of France.

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Published 27 Aug 2013
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William de Breos, 4th Lord of Bramber, served King Henry II and King Richard, but really came to prominence under King John. He was a close confidant of the king and was rewarded with many lands, including the lordship of Gower in south Wales, a strategically important estate in the Norman Marcher territories.

John was never expected to become king, and his mercurial temperament and lack of expertise proved disastrous for the Angevin empire and his subjects. The empire he inherited stretched from Scotland to the Pyrenees. By the end of his reign, all territory in France was lost and London was occupied by the Prince of France.

Fearing William's power and knowledge of his secrets, John demanded hostages and money to guarantee William's loyalty. William's wife refused, saying publicly that she would not trust her sons into the hands of a man who murdered his own nephew.

Once John's secret was out, John turned on William and treated him and his family very cruelly. They fled, William dying in France, his wife and eldest son starved to death in Windsor Castle by John, and his grandsons imprisoned.

William's other sons vowed revenge and allied with Llywelyn the Great, the strongest of the Welsh leaders, against John. Some of the de Breos family married into Llywelyn's family. Which was strange, because Llywelyn was married to King John's illegitimate daughter! One marriage arrangement was nearly ruined when one of the de Breoses was found in bed with Llywelyn's wife.

The other barons were very unhappy with John's behaviour, but his treatment of William was the final straw which led to Magna Carta.

The writing of this book came about due to the success of Ann Marie Thomas' first popular history book, Alina, The White Lady of Oystermouth, written while she was recovering from a major stroke. The book was well received by locals and tourists. Digging back into Alina's family tree, Ann found another fascinating story, set one hundred years before the first.

5 Points of Interest: 1. Did you know that King John's treatment of the Lord of Gower led to Magna Carta?
2. Did you know that King John starved Maud de Breos and her son to death in Windsor Castle?
3. The secret that William's wife revealed was that John murdered his nephew Arthur of Brittany, his rival for the throne.
4. Llywelyn the Great was married to King John's daughter Joan, known to the Welsh as Siwan.
5. This book, and the previous one, was written while the author recovered from a major stroke.

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