The Black Swans: A Tale of the Antrim Cycle


Taisie MacDonnell lives in the small town of Antrim, Maine. When a traditional Irish band is hired to play at a pub in town, her life is turned upside-down. The pipes player in the band, Conn McLaren, finds a connection with Taisie. Together with the rest of the band (who are also Conn's siblings), they must fight to break an ancient curse from the Fae.

free kindle book The Black Swans: A Tale of the Antrim Cycle
Format Kindle ebook
Published 1 Mar 2015
Pages 343
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Book Details

Taisie MacDonnell is a quiet girl who loves knitting and Celtic music. When a traditional Irish group moves to her small town of Antrim, Maine, she's thrilled. And that the handsome pipe player she met at a fair is one of the band members makes it all the more exciting.

Conn McLaren and his siblings that make up the band, The Black Swans, are wanderers, moving from place to place. They have a secret that they must hide, a curse they have been under for many years, placed on them by the Fae at the behest of their step-mother, Aoife.

Taisie has no idea that becoming involved with Conn, the handsome pipe player, will enmesh her in magic, a centuries-old enchantment and pursuit by the Fae.

This book is a modern retelling of the old Irish story "The Children of Lir".

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