Bioprints (O'Rourke Crime Novels Book 1)


Cutting edge technology meets classic detective fiction in this thrilling, often humorous escapade. Ryan and his team are drawn into a web of murder, mystery and suspense. While they investigate the death of Ryan’s best friend, the danger of 3D technology is exposed as a scientist goes rogue and pulls out all the stops to cover his tracks.

free kindle book Bioprints (O'Rourke Crime Novels Book 1)
Format Kindle ebook
Published 19 Dec 2013
Pages 228
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"...They climbed aboard and they lifted off for the short hop over to the Bio-Laser compound. As they approached, Jim called his head of security to advise that he was inbound and to expect an eminent touchdown on the helipad. The helicopter rotors seemed almost to touch the low, gray cloud deck as they made their way across the barren rural landscape below. The trip only lasted about twenty minutes and soon they were setting down gently on the big blue ‘H’ in the middle of the landing circle. The two disembarked and stooping down to avoid the rotors, ran over to the door leading to the rooftop elevator. As they cleared the rotation of the blades, the pilot lifted off and slowly made its way back to the farm against a strong gusty headwind...." -- Excerpt from BIOPRINTS.

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