Biker Chick Ambush (Tough Girls Book 8)


Two twenty-something biker chicks make a drug run to an inner-city school at night in late May, after school has let out for the summer. Little do they realize that some tough black girls are waiting for them to exact revenge for the overdose deaths of some of their friends. A brutal struggle ensues before the women realize they are in for the fight of their lives.

free kindle book Biker Chick Ambush (Tough Girls Book 8)
Format Kindle ebook
Published 8 Jul 2016
Pages 35
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Book Details

It's mid-May and Brooke Rosenberger is looking forward to embarking on a real estate career in Florida, where she plans to move after getting her real estate license. Meanwhile, she's got one more drug run to make because her biker boyfriend Nick tricked her into the business a few months ago. She contacts her friend Trisha Vest and makes the run on a Thursday night in Cincinnati. But to her surprise, she and friend end up driving downtown to an inner city high school at nine o'clock at night. Little does she know some tough black girls are waiting for her, seeking revenge for the deaths of a couple friends. The two biker chicks are in for a fight for their lives in what's about to become an absolutely brutal confrontation. This is the 8th story of the "Tough Girl" series, where women fight for survival in isolated places or the mean streets.

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