Between Pieces (Running Nowhere Trilogy Book 2)


Teenager Conor Kelman starts high school in a new town determined to make friends. A small group of students with their own brand of bizarre behavior accepts him. He watches life from the outside as they take him on a roller coaster of parties, drinking, girls and tragedy.

free kindle book Between Pieces (Running Nowhere Trilogy Book 2)
Format Kindle ebook
Published 27 Sep 2014
Pages 240
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Book Details

Teenager Conor Kelman starts high school in a new town determined to make friends that set good examples; however, trouble greets Conor the minute he enters the doors of the new school. He attracts friends the exact opposite of those his eighth grade teacher recommended. The new friends struggle with their own bizarre behaviors and take Conor on a roller coaster gone wild. He feels like an outsider. Parties and sex fail to satisy the hunger that gnaws his insides. Fans reach out to him, in his mind, while he strums the pawnshop guitar named Gabbie. They chant and scream his name as he gyrates under bright lights. And for a brief moment, Conor belongs.

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