Bennett (The Chronicles of the White Tower Book 2)


Can Bennett, a knight of the White Tower, and Stella, a Romany girl with a deadly knife, find love together? Their new marriage is complicated by their rescue of Palima, a Mistress of War. The three of them rally the forces of the Romany to overcome Mandrake, a man who prolongs his life by absorbing the life-energy of men and women. They treck across kingdoms, finding friends and treacherous enemies among both the nobility and outlaws.

free kindle book Bennett (The Chronicles of the White Tower Book 2)
Format Kindle ebook
Published 3 Jun 2015
Pages 269
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Book Details

Bennett is the 2nd book in the series 'The Chronicles of the White Tower.'

It is a 'stand alone' book although reading the series in order gives a better understanding of what is happening.

It is a character driven book. Bennett, a knight of the White Tower is unsure of his capabilities as a man: over-sensitive and chivalrous. These traits have caused problems to his assigned mission. Recovering from wounds, he quickly falls for a self-confident, knife wielding, gypsy girl, Stella.

Their betrothal is not without problems: added to the mix is Palima, a Mistress of War. Together they face Mandrake, the Arch-enemy of the White Tower: a man who prolongs his life by feeding on the souls of his victims.

Their quest takes them across various kingdoms, and on their way, they find friends, and treacherous enemies, among both the nobility and the outlaws.

Bennett is about 80,000 words long and is available in Kindle format and in paperback.

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