BEC: An Ed Vandera & Marti Ellis Series Thriller (Mystery and suspense cyber crime thriller. Book 1)


Ed and his PA/girlfriend, Marti, find themselves embroiled in a plot to bring down the Vandera family and its shipping empire. A race against time begins when Ed's father, the company's CEO, disappears during a business trip to China. With the help of a fellow ex-Special Ops guy and an FBI operative and Marti's previously undiscovered talents, Ed works to save his father and solve the riddle of who they are up against and why.

free kindle book BEC: An Ed Vandera & Marti Ellis Series Thriller (Mystery and suspense cyber crime thriller. Book 1)
Format Kindle ebook
Published 14 Feb 2016
Pages 329
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Book Details

Ed Vandera receives an email requesting a transfer of funds to his father in China. When he finds out it's a business email compromise -BEC - Ed and his PA, Marti, set off tracking the money, only to be wrong-footed when things become more complicated. Charles Vandera, the irascible head of the Vandera Shipping empire, suddenly disappears. Unbeknown to the Vanderas, a family with a long association with them has been plotting its revenge for a long time. Whether their motives to destroy the Vanderas are based on fact, or are nothing more than a rewriting of history, depends on which side of the fence you are sitting.

To help unravel the complex question of who their rivals are, and what their motives might be, they bring in an ex-Special Ops colleague of Ed's and his old school friend, who is now working for the FBI. Between them, they have a broad spectrum of skills, all of which they'll need to draw on. Finding pieces of the puzzle that fit together and lead them in the right direction proves to be difficult. Bit by bit they home in on their goal, knowing they have only seventy-two hours to solve the conundrum and rescue Charles. Before they reach their goal, George, Ed's octogenarian grandfather also goes missing, leaving Ed to save the family and the business empire in an increasingly tense race against time.