Affinity (Tri-Light Series Book 2)


Imagine Evie's predicament, attracted to two stunning creatures with an equal intensity. And they both want her. Events bring the three together and set them on a course that has fate rubbing her hands with glee. As Evie sits between Luc and Kiran, wrapped in both their scents. Their legs and arms brushing hers, creating tingles through her body. Like a live wire, trying to resist the attraction she has to them both; she might go insane!

free kindle book Affinity (Tri-Light Series Book 2)
Format Kindle ebook
Published 8 Jan 2015
Pages 399
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Book Details

Evie and Luc's perfect bubble is shattered when Kiran walks back into her life. She struggles to resist the pull she has to the Hellhound, although, he has no intention of letting her go. Her new and wonderful relationship with Luc is threatened. Love, betrayal and fate twist through her life and help her uncover secrets her family tried to hide.

Luc is targeted and falls prey to a magical being. Gaia's plan is revealed, and the full scale of their connection becomes apparent. Can Evie, Luc and Kiran work together or will forces outside their control destroy all three of them? (Adult content 18+)

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