A Tunnel Too Far


The tragic story of Frank Cermak, a fictional, first-generation Bohemian-American living in Chicago at the verge of The Great Depression. He's a proud and opinionated young man, and he thinks he has the world figured out. The old freight tunnel system buried under the city is the tool that Frank uses to rob, murder, and flourish as a petty mobster, and the stage on which he learns more about his other sins than he would like.

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Published 19 Sep 2010
Pages 235
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Book Details

The tragic story of Frank Cermak, a fictional, first-generation Bohemian-American living in Chicago at the verge of The Great Depression. He's a proud and opinionated young man, and he thinks he has the world figured out. Although he is gainfully employed in a job he likes, has a girlfriend he wants to marry, and has money put away for a rainy day, he gets involved in doing small jobs for mob criminals. The old freight tunnel system buried under the city, still there but inaccessible except for a few caretakers, is the setting of the story and the tool that allows Frank to flourish as a petty mobster. Soon, Frank has no choice but to graduate to major crime, as the mysterious mobster Sarconi pushes Frank further over the line into a hell of Frank's own making. After unintentionally committing robbery and murder, Frank learns more about his other sins than he would like.

Historical Perspective/Content Alert - violence, language, social situations

This is not a book for the squeamish or easily offended. The author has taken pains to present social, ethnic and racial attitudes in Chicago as they were in the period 1929-32. Of necessity, language is not inhibited and the characters can be very open as to their feelings and sometimes bigoted beliefs. Because the story is presented from the point of view of the tragic protagonist, his thoughts and actions can be offensive, but are not out of bounds for a man of his background and social status at the beginning of the 1930s. You may draw your own conclusions, but the attitudes and opinions of the protagonist and antagonists do not represent the current attitudes and opinions of the author.

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