101 Reasons Why It's Great to Be Single


In 101 Reasons Why it's Great to Be Single Karleen Dee shares her personal experiences with dating, and displays why, contrary to popular belief, being single is actually more desirable than being in an unsuitable relationship with another person. With a humorous, intellectual flair, Karleen Dee pokes fun at her relationship failures, and shows appreciation for her single relationship status.

free kindle book 101 Reasons Why It's Great to Be Single
Format Kindle ebook
Published 19 Jan 2015
Pages 56
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  1. NO DEALING WITH BOYS NIGHT After a while in a relationship you really just want to get away from the other person for a while. What better excuse than “sorry, you possess the incorrect genitalia for this evening”.
    I never minded when my ex would go out for boy’s night. It meant I could have a nice relaxing evening at home by myself, maybe run a bubble bath a read a magazine. What irked me was when boy’s night was at our place and he failed to remember to tell me until that morning. “Oh by the way hun, the guys will be coming by for poker later, hope that’s okay”. Oh, yeah, no problem, my vagina and I will just be hiding in the bedroom.

  2. AVOID THE PDA Some people don’t care about PDA. I am definitely not one of those people, but I have had boyfriends who certainly were. They always seem to do it in the most awkward areas too – for instance, in the middle of the mall hallway. There are people trying to walk past us and you’re canoodling with me! Can’t you see we are being rude! Okay, so maybe I am being too anal. Either way, when you’re single there are no awkward moments where you’re stuck between not wanting to French your man in public, and not wanting to offend them either.

  3. OWN THE TITLE Just think about the title of Miss vs. Mrs. The connotation of Miss carries with it a sweetness that you just don’t get with Mrs. When you’re a Mrs. all of a sudden you’re a hard-to-please woman of the household. Miss’s on the other hand are just free-spirited innocent ladies of the land.