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Ravi Ranjan Goswami

Ravi Ranjan Goswami is a native of India, born on May 3, 1961 at Jhansi, where his father worked in Railways.He lived and studied till his graduation in Jhansi. He earned his MSc(Physics) from Agra college Agra. Later he joined Indian customs and subsequently worked as an Indian Revenue Service officer in Cochin,India.

Mary Waibel

Twisting tales one story at a time. YA author Mary Waibel’s love for fairytales and happy-ever fill the pages of her works. Whether penning stories in a medieval setting or a modern day school, magic and romance weave their way inside every tale. Strong female characters use both brain and brawn to save the day and win the heart of their men. Mary enjoys connecting with her readers through her website:

Eli Kale

Eli Kale has published two books called "Resistant" and “Unguarded” and is working on more upcoming projects. These books are part of his WWII collection entitled "Faces of the War" where the war is seen through the perspectives of different people. He also has published a short story ebook, the first of multiple planned volumes.

Diane Ziomek

Diane has been writing online and offline since January 2010. Her areas of interest are many - from alpacas to writing. Her HubPages (brsmom) articles are an indication of her various talents and interests. Life experiences have led to the creation of many an article and book. She has a growing list of fiction and non-fiction titles to her credit, all self-published.

Pamela Crane

Pamela Crane is a North Carolinian writer of several best-selling psychological thrillers. Along with being a wife and mom of three rug rats, she is a wannabe psychologist, though most people just think she needs to see one.

Morgan Sales

Part-time writer, full time teacher, teller of tales and the author of Halcyon Rebirth. I also blog sporadically and am currently working on my second novel in the Halcyon series, Halcyon Moonrise.

Adam Mann

Adam Mann has lived and worked in Africa and Asia for many years. He has always been fascinated by personal relationships, and in real life is now enjoying his fourth marriage, after being widowed, divorced, had one marriage annulled as this ‘wife’ had forgotten to get divorced. As a result he has extensive experience of social and sexual activities, which he brings into all his books in explicit detail - beware!

Christy King

Christy King writes flawed characters that achieve growth through pain. Even the most damaged people can find their own sense of normal and come through the fire, singed but alive. All of Ms. King's novels have paranormal aspects and focus heavily on relationships and healing.

Colleen Helme

Colleen Helme is the author of the Shelby Nichols Adventure Series.

Violet Howe

Violet Howe enjoys writing romance with humor. She lives in Florida with her husband, who is her knight in shining armor, and their two handsome sons. They share their home with three adorable but spoiled dogs. When she’s not writing, Violet is usually watching movies, reading, or planning her next travel adventure. You can follow Violet’s ramblings on her blog, The Goddess Howe.

Catherine Spinola

Welcome to my Author's Page. I hope you will check out my first two children's books in this series for learning called "Duke's Nose". These books are now available in trade paperback and kindle edition. If you have already purchased a copy, thank you, and please feel free to comment, rate or begin a discussion on my unique children's books. Book three and four will be available on kindle in the next few weeks, so please check back soon..

Greg Spry

Greg Spry was born in Green Bay, Wisconsin, in 1978. He majored in industrial engineering at the University of Wisconsin—Madison before earning a graduate degree in space systems from the Florida Institute of Technology. When he's not busy writing the next epic sci-fi adventure, he enjoys playing kickball and cheering on the Wisconsin Badgers and Green Bay Packers.