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Jane O'Brien

Jane O'Brien resides in West Michigan, USA. She is married and the mother of two daughters, both authors in their own right. She's had a variety of jobs and hobbies throughout her life including, piano teacher, librarian, genealogist, gardener, and quilter. O'Brien loves to write about her experiences living along the Lake Michigan shore, the woods, and near inland lakes and rivers. She enjoys introducing people to her beautiful state.

Tom Bryson

Like reading crime and thriller Novels? Me too. That's why I write them - my job is to give my readers a good read. No more, no less. Check out my books, please.Thanks,Tom

Mark Kirkbride

Mark Kirkbride's debut novel Satan's Fan Club is published by Omnium Gatherum in America and is available on Amazon. His poetry has appeared in such publications as the Big Issue, the Morning Star and the Mirror in the UK. There's another horror novel on the way...

Melissa DeDomenico-Payne

After 20 years in the non-profit industry, Melissa is now prioritizing writing, philanthropy, and consultant work. She serves as a contracted Director of Development for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northwest Virginia; is completing her Doctorate of Public Administration; and continues to be actively involved in her community. She has developed a platform, Payneless Projects, from which she launches her writings and community projects.

John Yantiss

Over the years Yantiss shared the stage with such notable Southern Rock figures as Dickey Betts and Berry Oakley, and an evening of coffee and conversation with "Uncle Miltie." His love of writing poems and lyrics continued on over the years, branched out into fiction, beginning with not a few attempts at fantasy, in a style not unlike Tolkien and Lewis. In 1993 he began writing classic detective mysteries based on the character Sherrod Colsne.

N.W. Moors

N.W. Moors lives in Portland, Maine, land of lobster and pine trees. She's a voracious reader and avid traveler - she loves to visit Great Britain and Ireland. Researching trips meant that she tries to learn as much about the area as possible. She truly appreciates you sharing this adventure with her. She will continue to write about magic and the small town of Antrim, Maine.

Ginnie Carmichael

Ginnie is a French-Canadian author who decided to follow her dreams and live a creative life. She’s been writing since she was fourteen years old and it’s not a surprise that she chose this path. Being an author also allowed her to travel full-time with her boyfriend.

Paul Keene

Paul Keene creates fiction that offers hope for the most basic human condition. His first three books (a coming of age trilogy) tells the story of talented musician Conor Kelman, an impulsive kid who searches for something to call his own. When not writing, you'll find the author in the backyard tending the herb garden, or drinking bold coffee with a book in hand.

Jolene Loraine

A filmmaker with a passion for storytelling, Jolene Loraine captures the excitement of the motion picture within the pages of her new science-fantasy action series, Night Hawk.

Mara Oudenes-Cruz Ramos

Mara Oudenes-Cruz Ramos is a Puerto Rican illustrator, graphic designer and storyteller living in the Netherlands. Her passion for writing romance began in her high school years. Mara lives with her husband, little daughter and her two cats.

Susan Klopfer

Susan has worked as a journalist on daily newspapers in Texas, Missouri and Nevada, and as an acquisitions and development editor for Prentice Hall Computer Books. She won journalism awards for her investigative reporting on nondisclosed private/public partnerships in Missouri and received a Global eBook award for Who Killed Emmett Till. She wrote Abort! Retry! Fail! that was named an alternate selection by The Book-of-the-Month Club.