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ebook: Macabre2 (Sherrod Colsne Mysteries) (B00ACPH6LO)

Macabre2 (Sherrod Colsne Mysteries)

by  John Yantiss

"The Weerwolf Problem" (Dutch spelling) forces Monty Weston, assistant, and de facto son to Colsne, to reassess all that he had come to accept about the monsters that had once been part and parcel of most people's belief systems prior to The Industrial Revolution, and the subsequent explosion of "scientific" discovery. No less nerve rattling is the truth behind a series of freakish animal deaths in Upstate New York, found in "The Golden Dart."

ebook: Book One Of The True Love Series: True Love Knows No Color (B00TQ8IO46)

Book One Of The True Love Series: True Love Knows No Color

by  Jimmie Rich

Jael is a black boy who is naturally attracted to light-skinned girls, but has a dark-skinned mother who despises them. His childhood crush Layla, a beautiful light-skinned girl, serves as some sort of Angel in his life who helps him to escape the Devilish brain-washing tactics of his Mother, who wants him to only date dark-skinned girls. On another side of the world, a white girl helps a black boy escape racism in a predominantly white school.

Top of the Wall

by  Jim Stallings

An 11 year old boy cousin Peter from a troubled family (marital problems) in New York City takes a breather by spending the summer in the hamlet of Marktree, Massachusetts, with his 11 year old girl cousin Sissy and her family. Before Peter knows it he's drawn into Sissy's "top of the wall" restaurant...a wall for feeding birds and other wild animals bordering the nearby wetlands.

Halcyon Rebirth

by  Morgan Sales

Halcyon Rebirth is the first book in the saga to tell the tale of the ancient and secretive Halcyon Order. This book focuses on the story of Gabriel Jones, a struggling writer and journalist who gets much more than he bargains for when researching the occult history of a sleepy Derbyshire village.

Eden: A Sci-Fi Novella

by  Martin Roy Hill

What reviewers are saying about Eden: "An Out-of-The Box Blend of SciFi, Thriller, and Military Encounters!" - D. Donovan, Mid-West Book Review. "A quick and thought-provoking read." - The Kindle Book Review. "Move over Dan Brown, Martin Roy Hill has arrived." - Liam Saville, author of Predator Strike! and Resolute Action.

ebook: Serendepia: Robert Knox's escape from Ceylon after 20 years (B00JB1SMY0)

Serendepia: Robert Knox's escape from Ceylon after 20 years

by  Mike Lord

In 1659 an English Ship, called “Ann” was almost wrecked off the north west coast of Ceylon, and the Captain Robert Knox and several members of his crew were tricked and then captured, and imprisoned for almost 20 years until a small group escaped. In 1680 Robert Knox Junior, published a book in London detailed his life during the 20 years of captivity.

ebook: Just Stay (B00KECDKGA)

Just Stay

by  Michelle Abbott

The last place Pia wants to be is on a family vacation in a sleepy Cornish village. She's anticipating two weeks of mind-numbing boredom. Then she meets Trey, a local boy. He's absolutely gorgeous. The trouble is — he knows it. He's arrogant and egotistical, and Pia intends to avoid him at all costs. But Trey is not the kind of guy who gives up easily. When he sets his sights on Pia, her resistance is futile.

Mr. MacGregor's Hat

by  Christopher Jackson-Ash

Mr. MacGregor had a new hat. It was a very expensive hat and his wife said it made him look very elegant and important. Mrs. MacGregor had given it to him as a birthday present. She had been so fed up seeing him with the old battered cap he used to wear. Mr. MacGregor's old hat was now perched on the head of a scarecrow in the bottom paddock. Most people agreed that it suited the scarecrow better than it had ever suited Mr. MacGregor.


by  Simon Denman

Beginning with the funeral of a renowned classical violinist in a sleepy rural hamlet in the Lake District, a former theoretical physicist tries to make sense of his brother's suicide. Across the country, a university student, enjoying the unexpected attentions of an enigmatic seductress, is disturbed when his best friend falls to his death from the thirteenth floor of a neighbouring campus tower block.

A Light in the Dark (The Fallout Series Book 2)

by  Becky Doughty

Tish Ransome sings about heartache and passion, betrayal, and about love gone wrong...but she knows little about any of it in real life. Behind the scenes, however, trouble is brewing. When Tom, her best friend and co-founder of the Marauders, tells her he's leaving the band after graduation, Tish must find a new wingman to step into Tom's hard-to-fill shoes. The moment she hears Sebastian Jeffries play, she knows he's the one.

Elderberry Croft: The Complete Collection

by  Becky Doughty

The Coach House Trailer Park is the last stop for most of its residents. But a new girl sweeps into the neighborhood, charming them all with her wild nature, her elderberry gifts, and her outrageous laughter. What brings the mysterious Willow Goodhope to this dead end place? From what - or whom - is she hiding?

A Long Way Home (The Fallout Series Book 3)

by  Becky Doughty

On the run, Savannah Clark lives her life as a modern day bohemian, hiding her identity behind her beaded scarves and swirling skirts. When an unexpected encounter forces her to come face to face with the past, will she run again or can she find the courage to look behind her and see how far she's come?

"Life After Abuse, a practical healing guide for survivors" By; Jan Porter

by  Jan Porter

"Life After Abuse, is a practical healing guide for survivors and for all who seek healing, wholeness and inner peace from sexual abuse and for those who support and care for them." (Currently being used as a text book for emerging ministers and pastoral workers) Easy to read and follow.

Rogue Cheerleader (Tough Girls Book 6)

by  Rick Suttle

A rodeo cowgirl stops at a hotel for the night to get some much needed sleep. When some cheerleaders crank their television set up, she has no choice but to confront them. Later, when they bang on the wall, she calls the front desk to report them. Around midnight, one of the girls knocks on her door and tells her she's hit her truck in the parking lot. And when the woman goes outside, she soon realizes the girl is out for revenge.

The Beginning of the End: Zombie Zero: The Short Stories Vol. 2

by  J. K. Norry

The Beginning of the End is the second volume in the Zombie Zero short story collection. It details the events preceding humanity’s last stand against the cataclysm documented in Zombie Zero: The First Zombie.

Into the Unknown

by  Lorna Peel

It is September 1939 and Kate Sheridan leaves Ireland for London in search of work. But Britain is at war and when Kate meets RAF Flight Lieutenant Charlie Butler, the course of both their lives is changed forever. Will Kate and Charlie’s love survive separation, parental disapproval, and loss?

Cowgirl Kidnapped (Tough Girl Book 4)

by  Rick Suttle

A rodeo cowgirl's best friend is kidnapped for $100,000 by a huge girl with revenge on her mind. When the cowgirl discovers the real reason for the kidnapping, a brutal struggle ensues in a Texas gravel pit late at night. The women soon realize that the girl and her friend plan to kill them, as they try to fight them off and survive.

Pipe Dreams: A Tale of Creative Discovery (Enigmatic Short Works Book 12)

by  Jim Stallings

This is a two-part tale of a troubled writer chatting with his therapist in a number of dated sessions. The talks range widely but focus on the storyteller's search for peace of mind and happiness. Finally the therapy session concludes with the storyteller's gift of a story in progress that explores his core issues in a fictional narrative that takes us into the psychic mind of a child seer.

The Antrim Cycle Boxset

by  N.W. Moors

All the stories and books of the Antrim Cycle in one collection. The Story of Gilly Flowers, The Black Swans, Applegate Farm, and The Oak King and the Holly King tell stories of Celtic myth, magic, and romance all together for the first time. Visit the little town of Antrim, Maine now!

ebook: Shiver Cove, Part 1: Tamyra (B00YHOWFP8)

Shiver Cove, Part 1: Tamyra

by  TJ Shortt

What would you do if you realized a supernatural killer was on the loose in your town?

Run Wild, Run Free Again

by  LaVonna Moore

Run Wild, Run Free Again is an inspiring story about a herd of beautiful wild horses that have lived on Mustang Island by the Atlantic Ocean for hundreds of years. The leader of the herd of wild horses is a gorgeous white stallion named Spirit.

Del Ryder and the Crystal Seed

by  Matthew David Brough

Darkness is falling across mystic Azdia. Soon, all of life will stop glowing with light. Soon, the trees will no longer spring to life. Even the mighty feldroes will cease to roam the forests. Already, many lumens, the shape-shifting caretakers of Azdia, have lost faith in their provider and protector, the mysterious Mr. Thicket. The only hope for the creatures of Azdia are the awaited chosen ones sent from another world called Earth.

ebook: Releasing Me: A Novel by Melissa Payne (B010W3GJY0)

Releasing Me: A Novel by Melissa Payne

by  Melissa DeDomenico-Payne

Inspired by true events, the fictional novel Releasing Me is the inspirational story of Meredith Pearson's journey to healing from childhood sexual abuse. Meredith shares her decade-long process toward achieving peace through spiritual insight. Releasing Me is relevant to all people who wish to believe that the human spirit can prevail regardless of the circumstances laid out in this life.

The Advocate (The Advocate Series Book 1)

by  Teresa Burrell

Attorney Sabre Orin Brown’s job is to protect her minor client. Her obsession is to solve the mysterious disappearance of her brother. When Sabre’s search for her brother and her career as a juvenile court attorney collide, can she protect herself and the child from the obscure and treacherous truth?