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Indestructible y otros poemas (Spanish Edition)

by  Kristy Rulebreaker

"Indestructible y otros poemas" es la segunda colección de poesía de Kristy Rulebreaker. La misma describe la vida y todos sus matices, tal y como es; a veces dulce, a veces amarga. Trata temas relacionados a personas, lugares, odio, amor, justicia, naturaleza, etc., pero sobretodo se trata de la libertad y la valentía. Su objetivo es motivarlos, sin importar cuán dura sea la vida, a permanecer indestructibles.

The Teacher: How to Survive the Teaching Profession Without Losing Your Mind! (In Their Shoes Book 1)

by  Andrew Mackay

Why are teachers leaving the profession, skipping work with stress or dying less than a year after retirement? Rachel was one of the high school’s best teachers and got on well with everyone. The kids got good grades and everyone liked her. Recently she had become increasingly ambivalent toward the profession and felt she was going nowhere. Newbie journalist joined Rachel for the day to see what teaching was really like, with hilarious results!

Blood Ties: Language in the Blood Book 2

by  Angela lockwood

The end of Language in the Blood sees Cameron facing a dilemma when blame for one of his kills gets laid at his best friend George’s feet. He surrenders to the French authorities Locked up, his needs denied, misunderstood and plagued by an unhealthy obsession with his friend’s daughter, the bored vampire edges close to insanity. Before long, Cameron starts plotting his escape.

Ringing in a Voyage (The Ringer series Book 0)

by  J. K. Norry

Every time Ring takes on a new body he loses all the memories he had in the last one. This time he finds himself on a strange flight in a body he can’t remember taking. Ring knows what he must do. He just doesn’t know yet who he’ll be doing it to or what he will look like next.

25 Things Moms hope don't happen for the Holidays

by  A. White

The chaos of the holidays are well documented. So, I decided to write this little book of humor of what women are really thinking behind all the Mona Lisa smiles. What's really going on and not what's supposed to be or is ideal to be happening. Since we still can't openly say what we're thinking without serious repercussion. We've cheerfully left the era of Roseanne Connor and returned the June Cleaver. We sane women need a survival kit.

Two Sisters: A Fairy Tale from the Great Depression

by  Jim Stallings

Two sisters live in a small town (Warden, GA) and work in a diner about 1934 during the Great Depression. They both seek to be married and find happiness in their marital futures. Despite uncertainty about such a big decision, the day surprises one of the sisters with an offer unexpected. The time has come for a decision and the Great Aunt helps the process unfolds the road ahead for both sisters' paths.

Heir to a Prophecy

by  Mercedes Rochelle

Macbeth's witches had a purpose: to put the Stewarts on the throne of Scotland. The three Weird Sisters tell Banquo, "Thou Shalt 'Get Kings Though Thou Be None", and though Banquo is murdered, his son Fleance gets away. What happened to Fleance? As you will see, his flight was only the beginning, and his illegitimate son Walter inherited his destiny, bringing him back to Malcolm III’s Scotland, where Walter became the first Steward of Scotland.

Fatal Rivalry: Part Three of The Last Great Saxon Earls

by  Mercedes Rochelle

To many, the name Tostig and Traitor are synonymous. But it was the sibling rivalry between Tostig and Harold that set up the circumstances leading to Stamford Bridge—and of course, put Harold in the wrong place at the wrong time when William landed at Pevensey. See how Harold's conflict with Tostig led directly to the Norman Conquest.

We Were Ghosts: The Secret Life of a Survivor

by  Tabitha Barret

When Alicia meets the new guy in school, there is something about the mischievous look in his eyes that implies he's breaking the rules by talking to her. The rule abused kids live by - don't let anyone into your life. Don't let them see the real you.

The Reality of Suffering and the Peace of God

by  Glenn C. Stewart

Forty year pastor, Glenn C. Stewart, delivered the news of a malignant brain tumor diagnosis to Faith Community Church on April 10th, 2016. Face one of the most devastating trials of life with one of the bravest of God’s ministers in Amazon Best-Seller, The Reality of Suffering and the Peace of God.

Ringing in a New Year (The Ringer series Book 1)

by  J. K. Norry

Ring is about the sweetest guy that has ever worked outside the system, aside from the murders and the drinking. He can't remember who he used to be, but he knows what he has to do. He is a ringer, after all. Although the friendship that he shares with Henry is like nothing he has ever known, Ring must take his life before the old year becomes the new year. The more Henry comes to accept his fate, the more Ring rails against his own.


by  P. S. Winn

Sam Madison is recovering in the hospital. Luckily his friend Boyd Adams is a doctor and helping him. After Boyd leaves Sam at the hospital things go terribly wrong. Sam, mysteriously, is getting sicker and Boyd Adams is missing. Sam's daughter, Dawn, and son, Garrett, along with a good friend,Red, are looking into the mystery.One that is quickly becoming a medical conspiracy thriller.

Slippery People: Poems from NoWhere

by  Jim Stallings

Slippery People: Poems from NoWhere is a prose poetic journey through the complex world of "persons" interacting with other "persons." Slippery People are "actors" as we know them thru time itself. They may try to tell the truth but no one seems to grasp the truth and hold on to it for long. Emerson liked to say "God is a sphere of intelligibility whose center is everywhere and circumference nowhere." Enjoy the pilgrimage to and from NoWhere.

Perdish Inn

by  P. S. Winn

Ben and Roger are two friends taking a road trip. Running out of gas was just the start of their problems. When they first stepped inside the Perdish Inn, they knew something was wrong. They had no idea how wrong things could get. Join them on a surreal journey!


by  P. S. Winn

Tina died, but then came back. Now she can see auras and spirits, but what should she do with her new found gifts and her second chance at life? Finding others who have similar gifts, Tina is on a journey to find the best way to use the gifts she received on the other side.

Ghosts of Lake Dread (The McCauliffe Adventures Book 3)

by  Rick Suttle

Teen paranormal-investigator siblings Dylan, Mike and Sarah McCauliffe, investigate the hauntings at an old lake house in rural Kentucky where there are ghosts from many different time periods on the property, including a black shadow man who may be demonic. In a book that may force you to sleep with the lights on, find out if the McCauliffes can solve an age-old mystery, send the spirits on to where they belong and get back home safely.

Worship the Night

by  Mary Vigliante Szydlowski

Her mother's death freed Lea from a lifetime of sexual repression. Alone in a remote mountain cabin, Lea succumbs to erotic fantasies and becomes the helpless prey of a phantom lover from the depths of Hell. To transform the demon into the flesh-and-blood lover she craves, Lea must kill! She offers him the blood of her victims, but only the ultimate sacrifice will satisfy his needs.

Millie Muldoon & the Christmas Mystery (Millie Muldoon Mysteries Book 2)

by  Mary Vigliante Szydlowski

What's wrong with Santa Claus? He stopped at their house on Christmas Eve. He ate the cookies and drank the milk they put out for him. But he didn't fill their stockings or leave them any presents. Why? Could he have put them on his naughty list by mistake? Millie needs to use her detective skills to solve the mystery of the missing presents!

Brotherly Love: A 19th Century Irish Romance

by  Lorna Peel

Ireland, 1835. Faction fighting has left Doon Parish divided between the followers of the Bradys and the Donnellans. Caitriona Brady is the widow of John, the Brady champion, but Caitriona didn’t love him and can’t mourn him. Now John’s mother is dead, too, and Caitriona is free to marry again. Michael Warner is handsome, loves her, and hasn’t allied himself with either faction. But what secret is he keeping? Is he too good to be true?

Millie Muldoon & the Case of the Thanksgiving Turkey-napper (Millie Muldoon Mysteries Book 1)

by  Mary Vigliante Szydlowski

It's two days before Thanksgiving and Millie Muldoon has been called in to find her cousin's pet turkey, Monica. The bird's been turkey-napped! Millie must use all her detective skills to make sure that Monica doesn't become the main course at a holiday feast. It's a race against the clock as Millie follows every clue and questions every suspect to discover the culprit and save Monica

The Little Book of Freelance Writing: Writing ideas, opportunities, inspiration and success stories

by  Susie Kearley

- Looking for writing inspiration? - Want to write the perfect pitch? - Keen to learn from other writers? Then this book is for you! It’s full of little gems of information and inspiring stories, to guide you on your writing journey. It covers ideas and inspiration, market demand and writers’ pay, writing mistakes to avoid, finding new homes for articles that get rejected, taking your blog from obscurity to success, rights & contracts.

Sell More and Better: Eternal Sales Techniques beyond Internet (Salesman’s Thoughts Book 1)

by  Raúl Sánchez Gilo

It will change the way you think about selling. Learn in an entertaining way the art of selling with an original book, entertaining, easy and quick to read. Combining fiction and nonfiction, with much humor, to inspire and motivate you. A must read to beginners in sales, or even for experts who need a refresher. Learn in a short time the sales formula that takes years to discover.

Secrets & Shadows: Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy, and Science Fiction Collection

by  Siobhan Davis

This is the ultimate young adult collection of paranormal, urban fantasy, dystopian and sci-fi romance novels bundled together in one very special heavily-discounted collection. Read these action-packed captivating tales from 10 Award Winning, New York Times, USA Today, and International Bestselling authors!

Angel's Nightmare Adventure

by  Angel Medina

Angel and Luis are two people with two different backgrounds must survive a night where zombies have overtaken NYC. The Hybrid Corporation is developing a chemical capable of defeating cancer and is seen as the cause. However is this an experiment gone wrong or is it something more. Angel and Luis must somehow cross paths and find out the truth about the Hybrid Corporation in a scenario where zombies are only the tip of the iceberg!