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Gray Panthers Dixie

by  David Guenther

This is the third book in the trilogy Gray Panthers. The series tells the story of America's veterans once again following the call of the bugle. This time they will defend not just their homes and country, this time they will defend their world as they know it against aliens attempt to invade earth. Dan Daniels finds himself in the position of leading this army of Gray Panthers

ebook: Quit Talking, Start Doing!  Motivate Yourself When No One Else Can: Get Over Procrastination and Boost Productivity towards Success (Productivity Tips, Getting Things Done, Habit Hacks) (B00SFUCM7Q)

Quit Talking, Start Doing! Motivate Yourself When No One Else Can: Get Over Procrastination and Boost Productivity towards Success (Productivity Tips, Getting Things Done, Habit Hacks)

by  Kathy Collins, 

In this book, not only you will know why we always put things off, why you keep what you’ve been doing but also how to overcome procrastination. At the end of this book, you’ll be able to change your ways to get things done, be more productive and achieve more of your goals.

Janette's Tale (The Chronicles of the White Tower Book 1)

by  Mark Patrick

Through no fault of her own, Janette, a young huntress, is thrown into a conspiracy that threatens a kingdom. Chased across mountains and through forests, she and her companion, Conrad, a knight of the Order of the White Tower, face danger and death at the hands of their pursuers. Befriended by brigands and gypsies, in touch with the old religion of the Moon Goddess, she finds she has a role in bringing peace to a land of tension and unrest.

The Dunes & Don'ts Antiques Emporium (White Pine Trilogy Book 2)

by  Jane O'Brien

The antique shop along the shore of Lake Michigan had always been a source of pride and comfort for Audrey, but lately she can’t shake the feeling that something was wrong or about to change.She was beginning to feel that there was something lacking in her life. After discovering some interesting antiques, she feels compelled to dig through old records to search for answers, but will those answers solve her questions or someone else’s?

The Wizard's Sword (Nine Worlds of Mirrortac Book 1)

by  Paul VanderLoos

Mirrortac must lead his erfin folk out of their little valley and through a mountain when evil comes for them and other worlds. A mysterious stranger entrusts him with a mission to take a magical warrior's sword across forest, desert and ocean to complete his task. Monsters and sorcery await him.

The Silurian, Book One: The Fox and the Bear

by  L.A. Wilson

The Silurian is an amazing journey into the past, where the social order was kept by the sword, by loyalty unto death, and the desire to be free: free to survive in the face of Saxon invasions, of violent internal conflicts, and to love unshielded. Energized by L.A.’s powerful and unconventional story-telling, a whole dramatic world of Arthur's warrior brotherhood is created and viewed through the exotic eyes of Prince Bedwyr, the Fox.

Pagan Journeys: A collection of articles and interviews on Druidry, sacred places, and natural health

by  Susie Kearley

This is a collection on pagan living and related topics. They include interviews with Druids, as well as first-hand accounts of pagan festivals and sacred locations. There are chapters on Druid gardening, healing, crystals, and meditation. Part 1 is a series of interviews with Druids, a clairvoyant , and my own account of a Druid solstice ceremony. Part 2 looks at ancient sacred places across the UK. Part 3 focuses on natural healing.

unFocused (The Roving Book 1)

by  Roselyn Jewell

Hillary is struggling to find where she fits in, in a supposedly "perfect" society. The trouble is, she doesn't seem to fit in at all. She tries to make the best of it but goes through a series of events that make her question who she is as a person and whether or not "perfect" can ever really exist, no matter what they want her to believe.

ebook: Undraland (B00W2EB844)


by  Mary E. Twomey, 

When Jens saves her life, Lucy’s gratitude is cut short when he abducts her, taking her to a land with creatures she assumed were just Scandinavian folklore. Undraland is teeming with oversized garden gnomes, warrior elves, Nøkken, Fossegrimens, and worst of all, Sirens. Lucy goes further and further down the rabbit hole until she signs up to join a band of thieves bent on taking down Pesta, the last Siren.


by  C Jones

A tortured young boy is brutally murdered by his sadistic parents and in order to save his soul he must face his demons of the past. But, the Dark One is there, watching and waiting for him to make the mistake that will destroy all of humanity.

Make a Joyful Noise: a musical romantic comedy (Sing with the Choir Book 1)

by  Jenny Worstall

We meet a host of characters who are mercilessly sent up by the author; all is sharply and wittily observed in a delightful mix of romance, music and humour.

Heat in the Tea Gardens

by  Adam Mann

A middle aged man meets an attractive woman in the highlands of Vietnam, where they have both been working for several years. A change of circumstances brings the two together initially for commercial reasons, and then for an opportunity to get to know and understand one another better....

West African Project

by  Adam Mann

Ivan wins a contract to work in the Hadejia River Valley, as agricultural advisor. He finds the Project Director easy to work with and his widowed daughter lovely to look at and to look after him! This book is based on a true story in West Africa, not in the steamy coastal area but in the dry semi-desert plains in the north.

The Cuneiform Caper

by  Roselyn Jewell

Reese finds the discovery of her life, only to have it stolen out from under her! She enlists the help of a longtime friend, Caleb, to solve the mystery and they both get more than they bargained for.

The Weather Man

by  Alex Hansen

Unsatisfied with his post-high-school life, Dan Weatherly starts a blog to vent his frustrations. Eventually, his blog begins to chronicle the ups and downs of a promising new romance with a girl he's met at work. Armed with the plentiful advice (and ridicule) offered by his readers, Dan attempts to sustain this relationship despite the fact that he and his girlfriend do not share the same expectations for physical intimacy.

It Seemed Like A Good Idea

by  Harry Hodge

A focus on odd experiences during work or travels when it really seemed to someone (the author or others) that whatever was happening was the most logical course of action. When you are in the moment, "logic" becomes fluid. If someone had told me before moving to Seoul or Ho Chi Minh City or some of these other places that all these strange things would happen, I'd laugh it off and say "you're outta your mind!"

Dukes Day at the Pet Store Numbers

by  Catherine Spinola

Duke’s Day at the Pet Store: Numbers is part of an exciting series of books for children, called Duke’s Nose. This collection of books is about a dog named Duke and his ever changing nose. In this particular book, the reader travels with Duke and his wondrous nose to his neighborhood pet store, on adoption day, and helps children learn to count by counting the pets.

The Widow and the Orphan

by  J. Thomas-Like

Pepper Taylor took it on the chin in love and life more times than she cared to count. She has finally found the man of her dreams in Gabriel Seigal, but when he's diagnosed with a crippling illness, their future comes apart at the seams. As if that isn't enough, the prospect of an unexpected child give their world another spin in the cosmic blender. Can Pepper navigate the overwhelming paths through grief, loss, and unexpected motherhood?

ebook: All the Way to Heaven (The Fallout Series Book 1) (B015Z3KJS4)

All the Way to Heaven (The Fallout Series Book 1)

by  Becky Doughty

Ani Tomlin cashes in her graduation gift to herself a little early―a trip to Tuscany―but from the moment she boards the wrong train in Pisa, her plans for solitude and self-indulgence begin to unravel around her. Sometimes help comes from the most unlikely of hands, and sometimes getting lost is the surest way to be found…

Indestructible & Other Poems

by  Kristy Rulebreaker

"Indestructible & Other Poems" is the collection that covers many topics. It describes life multicolored as it is, sometimes bitter, sometimes sweet. It's about people, places, hate, love, justice, nature, etc. The most of all, it's about freedom and courage. It encourages you, no matter how hard the life is, to stay indestructible.

The Destroyer Book 3

by  Michael-Scott Earle

"The twists I simply did not see coming - captivating and holding me, making me smile, frown, hurt and be healed by the stories and lives of these characters. The idea of who is right, who is wrong, who is evil - is presented from many different angles so you are left wanting more, and you really become unsure! You have my thanks - and I have a new addiction." -Growboy

The Sickness Spreads: Zombie Zero: The Short Stories Vol. 1

by  J. K. Norry

The Sickness Spreads is the first volume in the Zombie Zero short story collection. It tells the tales of three lives that were changed forever by the ancient apocalypse documented in Zombie Zero: The First Zombie.

Biker Chick Ambush (Tough Girls Book 8)

by  Rick Suttle

Two twenty-something biker chicks make a drug run to an inner-city school at night in late May, after school has let out for the summer. Little do they realize that some tough black girls are waiting for them to exact revenge for the overdose deaths of some of their friends. A brutal struggle ensues before the women realize they are in for the fight of their lives.

Streetfight Chicks: Collector's Edition

by  Rick Suttle

The complete 8-novelette "Tough Girl" Series, featuring brutal fights and survival struggles between biker chicks, rodeo cowgirls and regular women who are confronted by tough girl bullies. These fight stories are filled with bare-knuckle fighting, karate kicks and bruising, bone-crushing action. In the streets, at high school football games or even on abandoned roads, only the toughest of girls or women survive. And age doesn't matter.