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Never Forgotten (Never Forgotten Series Book 1)

by  Kelly Risser

Meara Quinn is about to find out there are worse things than moving to a tiny oceanside town before her senior year. Like discovering there's a secret being kept from her and knowing it's a life-changer. After experiencing vivid visions of her absentee father, Meara decides she deserves answers. With the help of her new friend Evan, she embarks on a journey in the hopes of unlocking family history and finding her true self.

Just Finn

by  Paz Ellis

Meet Finnegan MacManus, or just “Finn” as he prefers to be called. His life began when he was 18 years old. He was born 18 years earlier, but he had never truly lived. Since birth he had been different and his parents were indifferent toward him. His mother never bonded with her infant son. He never cried or smiled. The world was a series of confusing sounds, uncomfortable situations, unbearable textures and complete chaos until Dr. Vincenzo.

The Book of Levi

by  Nathan Birr

I don’t know where I’m going. I only know I felt a call. Not an out loud voice, not a vision in the clouds, nothing with any drama. More of a knot in my stomach. A duty. A resolution of course. The world has changed since I started out. I can’t even remember how long it’s been, or sometimes, what it was like before I did. Or before It happened. All I know is what I see around me all the time, everywhere, constantly. The Noise.

The Teacher: How to Survive the Teaching Profession Without Losing Your Mind! (In Their Shoes Book 1)

by  Andrew Mackay

Why are teachers leaving the profession, skipping work with stress or dying less than a year after retirement? Rachel was one of the high school’s best teachers and got on well with everyone. The kids got good grades and everyone liked her. Recently she had become increasingly ambivalent toward the profession and felt she was going nowhere. Newbie journalist joined Rachel for the day to see what teaching was really like, with hilarious results!

We Were Ghosts: The Secret Life of a Survivor

by  Tabitha Barret

When Alicia meets the new guy in school, there is something about the mischievous look in his eyes that implies he's breaking the rules by talking to her. The rule abused kids live by - don't let anyone into your life. Don't let them see the real you.

Ringing in a New Year (The Ringer series Book 1)

by  J. K. Norry

Ring is about the sweetest guy that has ever worked outside the system, aside from the murders and the drinking. He can't remember who he used to be, but he knows what he has to do. He is a ringer, after all. Although the friendship that he shares with Henry is like nothing he has ever known, Ring must take his life before the old year becomes the new year. The more Henry comes to accept his fate, the more Ring rails against his own.

Sell More and Better: Eternal Sales Techniques beyond Internet (Salesman’s Thoughts Book 1)

by  Raúl Sánchez Gilo

It will change the way you think about selling. Learn in an entertaining way the art of selling with an original book, entertaining, easy and quick to read. Combining fiction and nonfiction, with much humor, to inspire and motivate you. A must read to beginners in sales, or even for experts who need a refresher. Learn in a short time the sales formula that takes years to discover.

Secrets & Shadows: Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy, and Science Fiction Collection

by  Siobhan Davis

This is the ultimate young adult collection of paranormal, urban fantasy, dystopian and sci-fi romance novels bundled together in one very special heavily-discounted collection. Read these action-packed captivating tales from 10 Award Winning, New York Times, USA Today, and International Bestselling authors!

The Alchemist's Box (The Merchant Blades Book 1)

by  Alex Avrio

Five years ago she would have run him though with her saber. Now she must trust Kapitan Maximillian Jaeger, enemy in the recent bitter war, with her life. The mercenaries simple job: to retrieve the mysterious Alchemist’s Box from the neighboring Duchy of Pella. But in Pella, a curse of a thousand years has resurfaced. Can Regina and Jaeger put the war behind them and work together to save everyone in the Duchy before it’s too late?

Beasts of Imagination (The Nautilus Files Book 1)

by  E.A. Bowen

Three episodic adventures in one! Beasts of the Imagination takes you on a journey, a fast-paced adventure that's sure to leave you hanging for more!

Inward: Book 1 of Perception

by  Rob Turner

When Max and Trudie encounter each other in a ruined, half flooded city, each knows that something inescapable has drawn them together. As they struggle to come to terms with Trudie's demons, and the strange, haunting power which Max senses growing in her, he must ultimately decide whether there are limits to what one person can accept for the sake of another.

Sky Dancers: A Young Adult Dystopian Adventure (Eternal Apocalypse Book 1)

by  E.E. Isherwood

Elle is a typical doomsday bunker teenager, at least until she finds a crumbling section of tunnel and discovers a big lie about her world. She craves freedom, even if it means going into the plague-ravaged wasteland outside her home. But once there, she discovers the true threat to her people, and her own future, lies coiled inside the dark tunnels she left behind.

The Knowing: Book 2 of Perception

by  Rob Turner

After the disastrous encounter at the end of Inward, Max and Trudie wake from unconsciousness, to a life of almost incomprehensible strangeness. As the days and weeks unfold, as Trudie's seeing is probed and studied, and they begin to come to terms with an advanced society which has survived from the past, they are caught in a power struggle between the state and the biotechnology company which ‘discovered’ them.

Chasing the Wind: The Douglas Files: Book Five

by  Nathan Birr

Hired to retrieve a centuries-old Bible, P.I. Jackson Douglas is thrust into a chase with renowned art thieves, foreign operatives, federal agents, and cartel members--all of whom want the Bible for various reasons and none of whom may be who they actually claim. But it's Jackson's sort-of partner and sidekick who may foil his efforts . . . and quite possibly drive him insane in the process.

Barons Reach: Book 3 The Dreaming Series

by  Jan Reid

A love story between a part-Indigenous Australian woman and a part-Indigenous Australian man, against a backdrop of bi-racial social issues.

Recruit: An Unlikely Romance

by  Peter Casterly

This story will appeal to both Romance and Fantasy book lovers. Combining the best of both worlds the author has created a tale of love that takes ones struggles to acquire what he desires on a whole new level. Aiden's never been very interested in the war... until he set eyes on the beautiful and fierce Lieutenant General. He's never seen a woman like her, and he'd do anything for a closer look. Anything, including enlist.

ebook: Broken (The Siren Series #1) (B00MYNNHHY)

Broken (The Siren Series #1)

by  L.A.Griffiths

A rare and powerful creature has come back into the supernatural word and everyone has taken notice. But this scared and vulnerable creature is a sixteen year old girl who is trying to fit in and have a chance of a normal life. But when young Ellie senses someone watching her within the darkness she is then thrown in the deep end and must fight for her own survival.

ebook: True Calling (B00SX1PG2A)

True Calling

by  Siobhan Davis

Planet Novo, nestled in space twelve hundred miles above the surface of the Earth, is the new home of 17 year old Cadet Ariana Skyee. Confused by the government-sanctioned memory erase and distressed at her impending forced marriage and motherhood, Ariana’s plans for the future are thrown into complete disarray.

The Entrenchers

by  Jim Stallings

Growing up in an Air Force family with a father who was a decorated fighter pilot in World War II I watched my father's career enter the Cold War with Russia in the late 50s and early 60s. My father became a SAC (bomber) refueler pilot to keep our bombers in the air 24 hours a day ready at any time to strike Russia with nuclear bombs. It was a strange time for young teens and this comic treatment is the result of my adaptation.

Parallel Adventures: Into The Caves

by  P. S. Winn

Step into Parallel Worlds when a cave full of tunnels turns to something a lot more for Jayden and Jenny Carter, It is a wormhole into alternate worlds. That is only the beginning of the story as the twins follow their new puppy Portal, into the caves and find out why that dog has such an unusual name. They also find secrets about themselves and the Parallel Adventures they never imagined.

ebook: The Boy Who Fell from the Sky (The House Next Door Book 1) (B015PE1QOE)

The Boy Who Fell from the Sky (The House Next Door Book 1)

by  Jule Owen

When Mathew Erlang accidentally finds himself trapped in his strange neighbour's house, he opens a door and falls four hundred years into the future. Unwittingly, he starts to destabilise the course of human history.

Stop The World: "Poignant, compelling and absolutely unputdownable" Clare Campbell, Daily Mail

by  Sherry Mayes

Jody has it all—until she is paralyzed in a devastating car crash. Now she’s lost everything: the use of her legs, her boyfriend to her best friend, her father to an affair, her mother to depression . . . but little does she know, the accident was a new beginning.

Phoebe and the Rock of Ages: Contemporary Christian Romance (The Gustafson Girls Sisters Series Book 3)

by  Becky Doughty

Phoebe Gustafson has been running wild her whole life. A gifted artist, she portrays people and places the way she wishes they were, not the way she really sees them. Her jaded perspective is born out of disillusionment, betrayal, and loss, and of memories too painful to dwell on. Until a family emergency and the charming, unconventional Jesus freak, Trevor Zander, converge on her life at the same time....

Little Lost Girl: Book 1: Separation (Little Lost Girl Series)

by  Angelique S. Anderson

From the time she was very young until she became an adult, Star's whole life was always about finding her family and a home to call her own. As far back as she could remember, she had been sent away to live with people she didn't know. She was passed back and forth between family, strangers, and foster care. Growing up, Star endured many types of abuse and loss—painful experiences that sent her spiraling into all the wrong things.