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Parallel Adventures 3: Strange Happenings

by  P. S. Winn

When they were 13, twins, Jenny and Hayden carter learned secrets about a cave with tunnels by their home. They also learned some amazing things about themselves. Now, they are eighteen, and their travels to parallel worlds are changing. As adults, life is different, but that doesn't even begin to stop the adventures of mystery, suspense and good versus evil.

Whitmore Hills

by  P. S. Winn

When Natalie got the nursing job at Whitmore Hills Psychiatric center it was like a dream come true. There's a fine line between dreams and nightmares though and Natalie is going to uncover a few secrets that will take her on a suspense filled journey.

Into The Doorways

by  P. S. Winn

Having found a way to open doorways to Parallel Worlds, the people of Terrene are in a search of a new world, there's is headed for a catastrophe. Now, a few groups pf travelers have to enter other worlds in the hopes of not only finding one compatible to their needs, but willing to take in a world full of strangers. Join the adventure and take a sneak peek into a few of the Parallel Worlds they visit.

Dig for Fire: Timeless Strategies and Habits for Powerful Self Reinvention

by  Frank Harvey

Dig for Fire is the culmination of a disorderly, life-long expedition to test the foundations and altitudes of humanity’s capabilities. This work combines an ancient philosophy with the author’s own unconventional wisdom from personal trials and victories. Through poverty to success, pain, love and loss, Frank Harvey has built an innovative method that withstands. With this book, he provides his unorthodox approach to conquering challenges.

ebook: Another Boring Summer Holiday: The Mystery of the Lost Comet (B00QJ623AE)

Another Boring Summer Holiday: The Mystery of the Lost Comet

by  C M Lockley

Rachel Coakly and her long suffering younger brother John find themselves at the start of another wet school summer holiday with absolutely nothing to do and no vacation to look forward to. However, a chance meeting on one of their dad's boring day trips to an ancient ruined abbey brings them into contact with the handsome David Rawsthorne and his younger sister Sally. But is there something sinister going on within the midst of the old ruins?