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by  Clifton Kenny

In the uninhibited 70’s, a Bostonian teen discovers he can explore people’s ancestral memories encoded in their DNA… and finds himself on a haunting paranormal journey into a sublime world of truth.

Black Moon Rising: Book One of The Centum Path Series

by  Alp Mortal

And in the background, an enemy - as old as the Universe itself - is beginning to rally its allies and wage war against the citizens of the Centum Path - all for the absolute control of a single, rare commodity - gold.

The Hand of My Enemy

by  Mary Vigliante Szydlowski

In the deadly game of war, player nations must continually “up the ante” on their enemies. Sparing no expense to create an arsenal of ever more lethal, ever more destructive weaponry. But an escalating arms race can have unintended consequences. Cataclysmic, catastrophic consequences!

The Underground: Second Edition

by  Roxanne Bland

A demonic serial killer has Seattle's paranormal and human populations on the brink of war. The only hope lies with three paranormals--an alpha werewolf, a mage, and a powerful vampire regent, each with their own agendas--and one alien assassin.

Inward: Book 1 of Perception

by  Rob Turner

When Max and Trudie encounter each other in a ruined, half flooded city, each knows that something inescapable has drawn them together. As they struggle to come to terms with Trudie's demons, and the strange, haunting power which Max senses growing in her, he must ultimately decide whether there are limits to what one person can accept for the sake of another.

Zombie Zero: The Last Zombie

by  J. K. Norry

The howlers are eating each other. What is left of humanity has a chance to breathe at last. Each group that forms has to consider how they will begin anew. They must come together on how to take care of the remaining monsters, grow food, teach kids, and deal with their dead…or fall apart in the pitted wasteland left to them by the zombie apocalypse. Can humanity get it right this time? Or will the last human become The Last Zombie?

Beasts of Imagination (The Nautilus Files Book 1)

by  E.A. Bowen

Three episodic adventures in one! Beasts of the Imagination takes you on a journey, a fast-paced adventure that's sure to leave you hanging for more!

Chadwick Yates and the Cannibal Shrine (The Adventures of Chadwick Yates Book 1)

by  Bradley Verdell

Across the waters from industrialized Cavendia lies the Forbidden Continent of Tanzia, where Servants, the majikal creations of an ancient sorcerer, still walk the earth. Once mankind was enslaved there, but after the sorcerer’s imprisonment, one nation sailed away. For centuries, none has dared return, until now.

Revenge of the Gloobas: The Third Book of the Thousand Years War

by  Angel Medina

The gloobas vow to get revenge by using the gravitational pull of Earth and attempt to align the planets perfectly to charge their death ray which will wipe Earth off the map!!! Can Angel, Maria, Dayvon and Luis stop the latest revenge plot by the glooba's or will the aliens have their revenge? Find out in the latest epic adventure that will push the boundaries of the universe even further, where anything can happen!

The Knowing: Book 2 of Perception

by  Rob Turner

After the disastrous encounter at the end of Inward, Max and Trudie wake from unconsciousness, to a life of almost incomprehensible strangeness. As the days and weeks unfold, as Trudie's seeing is probed and studied, and they begin to come to terms with an advanced society which has survived from the past, they are caught in a power struggle between the state and the biotechnology company which ‘discovered’ them.

Sky Dancers: A Young Adult Dystopian Adventure (Eternal Apocalypse Book 1)

by  E.E. Isherwood

Elle is a typical doomsday bunker teenager, at least until she finds a crumbling section of tunnel and discovers a big lie about her world. She craves freedom, even if it means going into the plague-ravaged wasteland outside her home. But once there, she discovers the true threat to her people, and her own future, lies coiled inside the dark tunnels she left behind.

The Thousand Years War

by  Angel Medina

Four people in Brooklyn N.Y. who know little about each other and backgrounds that could not be any more different. A normal winter day for these four regular joes will turn into a full-fledged adventure that will determine the fate of the Earth with one twist. That twist is that there is a virtual world that looks, smells and feels like Earth and whatever happens in this virtual world happens on.

Disturbance & Destruction

by  P. S. Winn

If a dictator, like a third anti-Christ was elected as U.S. President, what would happen? This is a sci-fi thriller that takes readers into the future and looks back on the damage done. Luckily some people escaped through portals into parallel worlds. Those left behind on Earth went under ground. Those that escaped are returning to see what is left of their beloved earth. It isn't total destruction, but nothing will ever be the same again

Framed: The Second Book of the Thousand Years War Series

by  Angel Medina

After entering a virtual replica of Earth, where anything that happened in the virtual world happened on Earth, Angel gets a chance to live a normal life again. Angel sells off, his computer repair business in exchange for an NYPD uniform and a chance to be a lieutenant in the force What do plutonium, dirty politics and a virtual world have in common?

Zombie Zero: The First Zombie

by  J. K. Norry

When Mother Nature calls, everyone must stop to listen. Humanity has finally gone too far, and incurred the wrath of the planet itself. Ramblers roam the earth, hungry and mindless, looking to eat or be eaten. Howlers hunt the humans, their superior strength becoming overwhelming odds as the zombie apocalypse spreads to every nation. Will Mother Nature have mercy in the end? Or will everyone fall at the hands of The First Zombie?

The Mechanicals (Wyvern Chronicles Book 2)

by  Nix Whittaker

Hara and Gideon have been asked by the Emperor to sort out a small problem and in return, he will pardon them. It wasn't really their fault they had accidently become pirates. But the small problem of rescuing a runaway bride turns into stopping a plot to take over the empire and wholesale slaughter of dragon kind.

The Moreva of Astoreth

by  Roxanne Bland

Desperate to find a cure for the deadly red fever, Moreva Tehi, a bigoted young priestess, falls for Laerd Teger, chief of the Mjor village and a man of the race she despises, who shows her a dark secret about her gods that could tear her world apart.

Assault or Attrition (The Arena Mode Saga Book 2)

by  Blake Northcott

The sequel to the Amazon best-selling Arena Mode, Assault or Attrition is a scintillating adventure that draws you into a dystopian future where superhumans are a chilling reality - and those who worship them are even more terrifying.

Sons of Taldra: A Science Fiction Adventure

by  Duane Simolke

In an alternate reality, an Iroquois woman and her twin gay sons battle shapeshifting aliens. Telius simply wants to marry the man he loves. Argen struggles with the residual effects of a deadly drug addiction. Both twins help their mother face Valchondria’s greatest threats.

Since the Sirens: Sirens of the Zombie Apocalypse, Book 1

by  E.E. Isherwood

Getting through the zombie apocalypse is hard. It's even harder when you are responsible for your 104-year-old great grandmother. Liam has no interest in the responsibility of caring for her, but he also doesn't want to be the kid that pushes the old lady to her death. He decides the only honorable course of action is the dangerous one--get her to safety.

ebook: The Boy Who Fell from the Sky (The House Next Door Book 1) (B015PE1QOE)

The Boy Who Fell from the Sky (The House Next Door Book 1)

by  Jule Owen

When Mathew Erlang accidentally finds himself trapped in his strange neighbour's house, he opens a door and falls four hundred years into the future. Unwittingly, he starts to destabilise the course of human history.

A Tale of Two Colonies

by  Aurora Springer

For refugees from an overcrowded Earth, dreams of a better life on an alien planet transform into a terrifying battle for survival. The scout team encounters a grim warrior in an isolated valley. Where is he leading them? And who are the real rulers of this strange world?


by  P. S. Winn

Nikki just received the phone call everyone dreads. her dad is dying. Going home Nikki finds the disease killing her dad wasn't found on this world. Instead it is out some where in the other worlds alternate realities to be found by going through the wormhole tunnels her dad invented. Traveling through Nikki finds horror, sci-fi and supernatural along with a bit of the spiritual.

The Pellucid Effect: The World of Manx

by  N.W. Moors

Members of the Cymrian race fled their planet and crashed on Manx. The Manxi are a gentle people and welcome the new arrivals to their world. They share with them the secrets of the Singing Caverns. While the two races live together in peace, only the Cymrians have been assimilated and acquire the pellucids that mark their future paths.