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Kingdom Finance Dynamics: Breakthrough Manual

by  Kato Nkhoma

This book touches on God's end time financial agenda. Finances are an integral part of spiritual warfare in these end times and finances are critical for the last major revival that is about to take place. This is why Kingdom Finance Dynamics is a must read for every believer. Your life will never be same after reading this book!

How a Single Woman Can Overcome Stigmatisation: Thriving in a World of Negative Stereotypes

by  Esther Kuganja

If you are a single lady, this book will bring back your widest smile, brightest glow, and self-esteem. The book will take you through the stages of self-discovery and the realignment of your priorities. It will equip you with practical guidelines of how to live a fulfilled life despite the increased singleness in our world today. You will get to know people who, despite being single, have great achievements and legacies.

Indestructible y otros poemas (Spanish Edition)

by  Kristy Rulebreaker

"Indestructible y otros poemas" es la segunda colección de poesía de Kristy Rulebreaker. La misma describe la vida y todos sus matices, tal y como es; a veces dulce, a veces amarga. Trata temas relacionados a personas, lugares, odio, amor, justicia, naturaleza, etc., pero sobretodo se trata de la libertad y la valentía. Su objetivo es motivarlos, sin importar cuán dura sea la vida, a permanecer indestructibles.

The Reality of Suffering and the Peace of God

by  Glenn C. Stewart

Forty year pastor, Glenn C. Stewart, delivered the news of a malignant brain tumor diagnosis to Faith Community Church on April 10th, 2016. Face one of the most devastating trials of life with one of the bravest of God’s ministers in Amazon Best-Seller, The Reality of Suffering and the Peace of God.

Slippery People: Poems from NoWhere

by  Jim Stallings

Slippery People: Poems from NoWhere is a prose poetic journey through the complex world of "persons" interacting with other "persons." Slippery People are "actors" as we know them thru time itself. They may try to tell the truth but no one seems to grasp the truth and hold on to it for long. Emerson liked to say "God is a sphere of intelligibility whose center is everywhere and circumference nowhere." Enjoy the pilgrimage to and from NoWhere.


by  P. S. Winn

Tina died, but then came back. Now she can see auras and spirits, but what should she do with her new found gifts and her second chance at life? Finding others who have similar gifts, Tina is on a journey to find the best way to use the gifts she received on the other side.

False Roads to Manhood: What Women Need to Know; What Men Need To Understand

by  Frank Chase Jr

False Roads to Manhood, subtitled, What Women Need To Know, What Men Need to Understand is the author's seven journey of adventure, suspense and intrigue into the heart and soul of the secret life of manhood. This profound book invites those seeking wisdom, knowledge and understanding about the hidden truths of a lifetime to embark on a journey that answers questions about men that most people only think about but dare not ask.

Kleptomaniac: Who's Really Robbing God Anyway?

by  Frank Chase Jr

KLEPTOMANIAC is a journey into the annuals of biblical history concerning what the Bible teaches about tithing and giving. This book will take you on a proverbial archeological quest to uncover the true meaning of biblical words that deal with tithing and money. Every page in this manifesto will upend the common beliefs held by Christians that tithing is monetary based on the history and context of the Bible.

"Life After Abuse, a practical healing guide for survivors" By; Jan Porter

by  Jan Porter

"Life After Abuse, is a practical healing guide for survivors and for all who seek healing, wholeness and inner peace from sexual abuse and for those who support and care for them." (Currently being used as a text book for emerging ministers and pastoral workers) Easy to read and follow.

Pagan Journeys: A collection of articles and interviews on Druidry, sacred places, and natural health

by  Susie Kearley

This is a collection on pagan living and related topics. They include interviews with Druids, as well as first-hand accounts of pagan festivals and sacred locations. There are chapters on Druid gardening, healing, crystals, and meditation. Part 1 is a series of interviews with Druids, a clairvoyant , and my own account of a Druid solstice ceremony. Part 2 looks at ancient sacred places across the UK. Part 3 focuses on natural healing.

"Soul Calling, your Angel guided life purpose" By; Jan Porter: Get your Angel groove on!

by  Jan Porter

Your Soul and Angel Guides are calling you to live your inspired life purpose! Communicate and commune with your own Soul’s wisdom, Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides.

Their Works Shall Be in the Dark

by  Alex Hansen

A novel about truth, secrecy, devotion and guilt.

Holding Me Together: Essays and Poems (featuring "Reactions to Homophobia")

by  Duane Simolke

This anthology of essays and poems explores many social issues, while celebrating friendship, love, and writing. This collection, quoted by many authors and Web masters, includes the multi-part essay Reactions to Homophobia, followed by poems and short essays on a variety of topics, such as writing, AIDS, religion, violence, family, friendship, and gay relationships.

Godly Inspirations For The Troubled Soul

by  Lisa C. Miller

I mainly write from life's experiences. I write through my pain, loneliness and happiness. I live on paper. I pour my heart and tears out on the paper. I didn't realize until recently I am very transparent which helps people to be able to relate to my writings rather easily.

Jesus vs. Santa: Christmas Misunderstood

by  Jason E. Royle

Is Jesus alone enough to save us from the temptation of Christmas? Is having nothing to do with Santa the right thing to do? With a hearty dose of theological medicine for Christian parents and sound advice for people from all walks of life, this concise book is a great way to initiate a discussion about the two Stars of Christmas, Jesus and Santa.


by  P. S. Winn

Josh lost his dad in a car wreck, that same wreck leaves his mom crippled and Josh on an adventure. First he crosses over to the other side, sent back Josh finds he has two special gifts, he can see auras and spirits, he also was given an Obligation, find the evil that followed him back and destroy it.

"Spiritual Biz, passion, purpose and fulfillment in a changing global community": By; Jan Porter & Daniel P. Davison

by  Jan Porter

Harness the best of your Ancestors, ancient prophecies, the magic of the cosmos and practical wisdom bridging traditional and alternative resource tools. Hone your intuition and navigate your soul path with confidence.

Healthy Inspired Living: A collection of articles on health, healing, sustainability, and unwavering faith

by  Susie Kearley

A collection of articles pre-published in Christian magazines and newspapers around the world. There's a focus on health and sustainable living, as well as inspirational stories of faith.

ebook: Sacred King: Richard III: Sinner, Sufferer, Scapegoat, Sacrifice (B00MFVN0UO)

Sacred King: Richard III: Sinner, Sufferer, Scapegoat, Sacrifice

by  J.P. Reedman

Richard III dies on the field at Bosworth due to treachery, but that is not the end...his spirit is trapped in what he sees as purgatory. A struggle ensues for redemption and his good name. What price a man's reputation?

Wings To Whispers

by  P. S. Winn

Inside this collection find five short stories of just how close this world is to the one just beyond. From the beat of wings to a whispered voice. loved ones will find a way to reach us!

Inspirations from Heaven's Gate

by  Lisa C. Miller

I write inspirational poetry. This book was a lot more intense for me as my writing has matured through the different people I have been privileged to meet and different experiences I have had along my journey. I seem to effortlessly be able to relate to others pain and joy and therefore help guide them along their path.


by  P. S. Winn

Lindy's mom died when she was young, but Lindy always felt Melinda wasn't to far away. Now Lindy and her friends have ripped a tear in the veil between worlds and it will take help from this world and the next to close it up again.

Sacred Space, mind body soul after Sexual Abuse An Inspiring Healing Guide for Survivors By; Jan Porter

by  Jan Porter

The journey out of the pain of sexual abuse to wholeness is in boldly allowing insights and inspiration to bring forth authentic empowerment, fulfillment and inner peace. Sacred Space offers insights and resources from those who have been there and bounced back better than before.

The Rapture: Misunderstood

by  Jason E. Royle

Eschatology is a popular but notoriously difficult area of theological study. The scriptures explain the end of the world with prophecies and symbolism that can be mind-numbing and confusing. None of us will ever know all the mysteries of the future, but you can know something. In this edition of the Misunderstood Series, the author guides us gently through the adventure of learning about the end times in an entertaining, evenhanded way.