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by  P. S. Winn

Sam Madison is recovering in the hospital. Luckily his friend Boyd Adams is a doctor and helping him. After Boyd leaves Sam at the hospital things go terribly wrong. Sam, mysteriously, is getting sicker and Boyd Adams is missing. Sam's daughter, Dawn, and son, Garrett, along with a good friend,Red, are looking into the mystery.One that is quickly becoming a medical conspiracy thriller.

Slippery People: Poems from NoWhere

by  Jim Stallings

Slippery People: Poems from NoWhere is a prose poetic journey through the complex world of "persons" interacting with other "persons." Slippery People are "actors" as we know them thru time itself. They may try to tell the truth but no one seems to grasp the truth and hold on to it for long. Emerson liked to say "God is a sphere of intelligibility whose center is everywhere and circumference nowhere." Enjoy the pilgrimage to and from NoWhere.

Mystic Valley

by  P. S. Winn

When Matt Compton dies after being in Mystic Valley, his brother and two friends know the answers to the death lie inside of the army base that sits next door. When they find a way inside what they find is a horrific conspiracy and now they have to try and get out alive.

Life Bridges

by  P. S. Winn

Three short stories in this collection. We build bridges, burn bridges and then rebuild them. What if we all could build the bridges with love and understanding instead of prejudice and bullying? That's what this people did in this collection of inspirational stories.


by  P. S. Winn

As a mother, Mary knew she couldn't let others know about her son, Jess' special abilities. Knowing government agencies and other organizations would take her son away to examine him and exploit his abilities, Mary will do anything to protect her son. When Jess reaches the age of thirty three and heals someone of cancer, all eyes are on him. Including a group of religious fanatics called The Consecrated who want him stopped no matter how.

Holding Me Together: Essays and Poems (featuring "Reactions to Homophobia")

by  Duane Simolke

This anthology of essays and poems explores many social issues, while celebrating friendship, love, and writing. This collection, quoted by many authors and Web masters, includes the multi-part essay Reactions to Homophobia, followed by poems and short essays on a variety of topics, such as writing, AIDS, religion, violence, family, friendship, and gay relationships.

Scarecrow: A Tale of Transformations (Enigmatic Short Fictions Book 9)

by  Jim Stallings

By some mysterious change the oldest son of a Midwestern large farm family finds himself turned into a Scarecrow hanging in a corn field overlooking a lonely highway; being philosophical by nature we follow this existential journey through several mutations until a final outcome evolves that solves a magical search for a missing family through mysterious revival and reunion in another realm.

The Tourist Killer (The Barry-Hixon Conspiracy Book 1)

by  FC Etier

Claudia Barry is 63 years old—a baby boomer. She completes what she hopes will be her last assignment. Retirement beckons. Then another job demands her skill as a professional assassin. Claudia Barry is The Tourist Killer.


by  P. S. Winn

Someone set the explosion that killed the workers at the bio fuel plant. The people in the nearby subdivision soon find out the explosion was no accident and the plant was not making bio fuel. BA 47 is what they were manufacturing and now this chemical is just one thing they have to worry about as those behind the explosion want no witnesses alive to tell the tale.

ebook: WEDLOCKED: A Story of Forced Marriage (B01KK2XSB0)

WEDLOCKED: A Story of Forced Marriage

by  Hannah Rubenstein

WEDLOCKED: A Story of Forced Marriage is a work of narrative non-fiction that features the true tale of one woman’s experience with forced marriage as a way of introducing readers to a global practice that is only barely beginning to be understood in scope and severity. Mayah’s story is a pathway to make the intangible tangible; to color the statistics with a voice.

Heartspoken: Poems & Musings

by  Amit Singh

Loneliness, heartbreak or loss can leave us feeling hopeless at times. Yet, such intense emotions often drive us to look beyond our immediate worldly existence, to question the meaning of life itself. In doing so, we grow spiritually stronger. The earlier poems in this book are cathartic, but then the tone shifts to higher thoughts on life and societal issues as well as musings on the divine nature of our existence.

ALPHA MALE: Unleash and Dominate Your Alpha Male - Attracting Women, How to be a Man, Self Confidence, The Leader in Me, How to be Successful, How to Stay Motivated (Feed Your Alpha Male)

by  Jett Miles

Unleash and Dominate Your Alpha Male is both an account of the author’s own transformation and a handbook with easy-to-follow steps. As well as his own experience, the author draws on relevant data in the study of animal and human behavior, germane insights from the areas of human psychology and personal development, and quotes and tips from pure, raw, street smarts.

PUVI - Buddha Highway

by  Teck C. Neo

PUVI is essentially a meeting between East and West in a multicultural country, Malaysia. The book is set in 1967. This is the journey of a teenager Puvi, who experience enlightenment and goes beyond it. It is about his adventures with friends, as well as adults. The content is filled with human weakness, strength, friendship, bonds, feelings, successes and above all it celebrates life. As Puvi Says: Don’t make up, wake up!

I.T. Geek to Farm Girl Freak: Leaving High Tech for Greener Pastures

by  S.A. Molteni

Have you ever wanted to ditch the nine-to-five job and move as far away as possible from the rat race? Have you ever just wanted peace and quiet in a rural setting away from the sprawl of suburbia? Have you found yourself daydreaming about pasture lands and farm animals on a daily basis? That's exactly what the author found herself contemplating - more often then not - while working at a high tech job in Seattle.