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Language in the blood: Book 1

by  Angela lockwood

Until the outbreak of the First World War, young Cameron Blair would have liked nothing better than to stay in Edinburgh and marry his childhood sweetheart. As the call to arms goes out, Cameron and his pals sign up to fight for their country. They are soon delivered into the nightmare of war, and there Cameron more than meets his maker. This is a dark comedy, not suitable for the faint-hearted. Cameron, our vampire, has an unusual diet.

The Teacher: How to Survive the Teaching Profession Without Losing Your Mind! (In Their Shoes Book 1)

by  Andrew Mackay

Why are teachers leaving the profession, skipping work with stress or dying less than a year after retirement? Rachel was one of the high school’s best teachers and got on well with everyone. The kids got good grades and everyone liked her. Recently she had become increasingly ambivalent toward the profession and felt she was going nowhere. Newbie journalist joined Rachel for the day to see what teaching was really like, with hilarious results!

Blood Ties: Language in the Blood Book 2

by  Angela lockwood

The end of Language in the Blood sees Cameron facing a dilemma when blame for one of his kills gets laid at his best friend George’s feet. He surrenders to the French authorities Locked up, his needs denied, misunderstood and plagued by an unhealthy obsession with his friend’s daughter, the bored vampire edges close to insanity. Before long, Cameron starts plotting his escape.

25 Things Moms hope don't happen for the Holidays

by  A. White

The chaos of the holidays are well documented. So, I decided to write this little book of humor of what women are really thinking behind all the Mona Lisa smiles. What's really going on and not what's supposed to be or is ideal to be happening. Since we still can't openly say what we're thinking without serious repercussion. We've cheerfully left the era of Roseanne Connor and returned the June Cleaver. We sane women need a survival kit.

All is Calm?

by  Nathan Birr

Christmas is supposed to be a time of peace and joy. But when a small church sets out to turn its simple living nativity into a Christmas Eve extravaganza, it’s (almost) enough to make a preacher cuss. Can this church of crazy characters pull off their grand production? And can the true message of Christmas avoid getting lost in all the chaos?

Thugstore: Your Chicago One Stop Crime Center

by  Randy Cade

THUGSTORE is the story of a young executive search professional (Doug Moore) who is in deep trouble with the mob over his inept sports betting. In exchange for his life, he has to work using his expertise to start a national search and employment firm for criminals. It is also the story of a brutal home invasion robbery gone wrong when an eleven year old boy is wounded and his parents are killed. He works through his grief in a unique way.

What to Kill For

by  Hitomi Farrell

Shannon is just another single woman in Los Angeles who is desperate to find “The One.” She is a pretty, decently-educated Episcopalian princess, and—it appears—there is absolutely nothing wrong with her. What appears to be wrong is that her Prince Charming is ten years overdue, and more than fashionably late in making his appearance.

Conversations with Tom

by  Angela lockwood

The story of Jeff and Tom will be familiar to, and amuse, most cat owners. Our pets are so much more than just animals and, like Jeff, many of us have lively conversations with them. You’ll fall in love with Tom and laugh at his witty insights into the importance of tuna, making lists and why dogs are to blame for the black plague. The perfect read for animal lovers.

The Acorn Stories (Acorn, Texas Book 1)

by  Duane Simolke

StoneWall Society Pride in the Arts Award. Comedy and drama in West Texas, from the author of Degranon, Holding Me Together, and New Readings of Winesburg, Ohio. “A lush tangle of small-town life branches out in this engrossing collection of short stories.”—Kirkus Discoveries.

Falstaff's Diaries

by  Jim Stallings

The European academic gadfly Doctor Wolfgang Falstaff settled in New England and the Boston area in the late 1980s for a period of treatment and study at the Transcendental Institute (better known as "The Farm") located in Marktree, Massachusetts. What follows is a Rabelaisian, coarsely humorous commentary on a troubled modern life much like an earlier theatrical doppelgänger.

Diary of a Single Wedding Planner (Tales Behind the Veils Book 1)

by  Violet Howe

This delightful first book in the Tales Behind the Veils series chronicles wedding planner Tyler’s wacky misadventures, both personal and professional. She wants to hold out hope for her own fairy tale ending, but life doesn't seem to be working out that way. Whether she’s getting insane requests from brides or outlandish requests on dates, you’re sure to be charmed and entertained by the Diary of a Single Wedding Planner.

Make a Joyful Noise: a musical romantic comedy (Sing with the Choir Book 1)

by  Jenny Worstall

We meet a host of characters who are mercilessly sent up by the author; all is sharply and wittily observed in a delightful mix of romance, music and humour.

The Weather Man

by  Alex Hansen

Unsatisfied with his post-high-school life, Dan Weatherly starts a blog to vent his frustrations. Eventually, his blog begins to chronicle the ups and downs of a promising new romance with a girl he's met at work. Armed with the plentiful advice (and ridicule) offered by his readers, Dan attempts to sustain this relationship despite the fact that he and his girlfriend do not share the same expectations for physical intimacy.

It Seemed Like A Good Idea

by  Harry Hodge

A focus on odd experiences during work or travels when it really seemed to someone (the author or others) that whatever was happening was the most logical course of action. When you are in the moment, "logic" becomes fluid. If someone had told me before moving to Seoul or Ho Chi Minh City or some of these other places that all these strange things would happen, I'd laugh it off and say "you're outta your mind!"

Blame it on the Onesie: A romantic comedy about work, water and wine

by  CJ Morrow

27 year old Ella Taylor is having a tough time: • Her mum’s recently died • She’s been cheated out of a promotion at work • Her new boss is a Barbie doll who models herself on Gwyneth Paltrow • She’s living in a horrible bedsit • The hot guy upstairs thinks she’s an idiot in a Kermit the Frog onesie And now she’s inherited a run down cottage in a hick village with a bunch of conditions attached.

Editing Can Kill An Idiot: A Short Memoir

by  Michael Kroft

From his first night ever at the hospital under the care of a nurse from Hell, the language tension lingering between a semi-monolingual Anglophone within a primarily Francophone hospital, waking up during his surgery, being hit on by an attractive female patient who just so happens to be..., and much more, the story will entertain, educate and perhaps even frighten.

Gravitas: Valkyrie in the Forbidden Zone (The Gravitas Series - Sybil of Valkyrie Book 1)

by  Lynne Murray

Sybil, from Planet Valkyrie, carries a dangerous quantity of Gravitas, a top secret aphrodisiac, to trade, but she is attacked by an angry warrior from slave-holding Planet Roggr. They both fall through an unmarked portal to Earth--The Forbidden Zone. Rescue is impossible. Portals to Earth are sealed. Sybil needs to defend herself, protect her hazardous cargo, and find a way home--while dealing with a damaging overdose of Gravitas

Tiem Mechine

by  Alex Hansen

Kenny has just bought a time machine at a yard sale. After conducting some initial tests to verify that he actually purchased the ability to travel through time for just two dollars, he sets out to fix his past and prevent himself from becoming a single, recently unemployed loser. But upon arriving on his eighteenth birthday, he meets another time-traveling version of himself. And another...and then another. Not all of them are friendly.

Mermaid Hair and I Don’t Care: A romantic comedy about shoes, surf and second chances

by  CJ Morrow

There are two certainties in Lily Ward’s life: • A job she loves with an imminent promotion • A gorgeous boyfriend who’s about to make a commitment But a last minute holiday and office politics are about to cast doubt on those certainties and turn her world upside down. Can Lily weather the storm, uncover the secrets of success, survive the hand of fate and achieve happiness? The perfect read for beach, train or sofa.

Babe Driven: Driving straight out of trouble and into paradise!

by  Lizzie Chantree

Harriet’s wonderfully successful business, Babe Driven, is the talk of the town, but her world is about to come crashing down around her, and the threat seems to be coming from inside her own family. For someone who stays out of the limelight, even though her new company is the hottest ticket around, she’s going to have to avoid the front pages of every newspaper if she wants to survive the ride!

The Second Coming

by  Grant Leishman

God decides that humanity is a failed experiment, and he orders Earth and all of humanity destroyed. He will start again from scratch. "The Second Coming" begins with Jesus (JC) in an induced coma in a Manila hospital after having been hit by a bus, losing his memory in the process. We follow the exploits of Jesus and his "disciples" as they seek to firstly recover his memory and then embarking on a mission of saving humanity from the brink.

Gagged and Bound 2: More puns, one-liners and dad jokes

by  Nick Jones

Following the success of his first book, the Amazon bestseller Gagged and Bound, pun-loving gag writer and self-proclaimed “sit-down comedian” Nick Jones returns with another collection of original one-liners, puns and dad jokes engineered to make you chuckle. Packed with razor-sharp wordplay, downright silliness and hilarious illustrations by Tiffany Sheely, Gagged and Bound 2 is bound to make you laugh!

Alph Beta

by  Alex Hansen

Through its three interconnected storylines, Alph Beta explores tragedy and comedy, creativity and cliché, and what it should mean to be human—whether you’re a real human or a fictional one.

Big Boots: Tales of a Child Liar (Enigmatic Short Fictions Book 8)

by  Jim Stallings

This tale reveals the comic imaginative voice of a young southern boy's recall of his favorite stories in his earliest years growing up in an extended three generation family in a small town in Deep South Georgia after World War 2 and the Korean War of the early Fifties.