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Donald Trump and Voices of the 2nd American Revolution: Make Independent Life Knowledgeable (Censored Edition Book 1)

by  Joe Nickolas Pelech

M.I.L.K is an acronym for Make Independent Life Knowledgeable. Freedom of speech is the corner stone of MILK. But MILK also means milk. Mother’s milk: natural breast milk. The most healthy and nutritious drink for human life. It’s really our first taste of something good. Perhaps, it's our first independent human action. To reach out for another human, Mom, and get life’s first delicious drink. Then we grow up and forget Mom's milk.

Godwine Kingmaker: Part One of The Last Great Saxon Earls

by  Mercedes Rochelle

Godwine Kingmaker weaves a tale through three cultures, Saxon, Dane and Norman and through the lives of as many English Kings, including the inscrutable Dane Canute and the reluctant Edward the Confessor. Godwine walked a fine line between the demands of his peers and the destiny of his family, only to realize he had championed the wrong son.

ebook: Serendepia: Robert Knox's escape from Ceylon after 20 years (B00JB1SMY0)

Serendepia: Robert Knox's escape from Ceylon after 20 years

by  Mike Lord

In 1659 an English Ship, called “Ann” was almost wrecked off the north west coast of Ceylon, and the Captain Robert Knox and several members of his crew were tricked and then captured, and imprisoned for almost 20 years until a small group escaped. In 1680 Robert Knox Junior, published a book in London detailed his life during the 20 years of captivity.

Alina, The White Lady of Oystermouth

by  Ann Marie Thomas

This is real history told in a way accessible to the layman but academically sound. Alina's husband John took control of the Lordship of Gower in south Wales in 1320, in an attempt to secure her inheritance. But her father had sold it to the king's favourite, and the king took it back. The Marcher Barons sided with John and rebelled against the king. It eventually led to the king's downfall, but Alina and John paid a heavy price.

Wrecks - A Maltese Collection: History Collection

by  Conrad Hadnett

Accounts of scuba diving my six favorite historical ship wrecks around the Island of Malta. From the HMS Maori to the Margit all these dive involve seeing and touching real history.

The Magna Carta Story: The Layman's Guide to the Great Charter

by  Ann Marie Thomas

Did you know King John didn't sign the Magna Carta? He sealed it. Did you know the rebel barons offered the English throne to Prince Louis of France? If John hadn't died, the British Isles might be part of France today. So why is the Great Charter considered to be the dawn of democracy? Find out in The Magna Carta Story, the layman's guide. It contains all the intrigue, tantrums and civil war, what happened afterwards, and why it's so important.

SHOT DOWN: The true story of pilot Howard Snyder and the crew of the B-17 Susan Ruth

by  Steve Synder

Set within the larger framework of World War II in Europe, the story is about the experiences of each member of a B-17 crew after their plane was knocked out of the sky by German fighters over Belgium and about the courageous Belgian patriots who risked their lives to help them. The book includes more than 200 time period photographs of the people who were involved and the places where the events took place.

Broken Reed: The Lords of Gower and King John

by  Ann Marie Thomas

This is real history told in a story-telling style accessible to the layman but academically sound. William de Breos rose to a position of great power and influence as a close confidant of King John, but when his wife revealed John's greatest secret John's revenge was brutal. The fall of the de Breos family was the final spark that lit the fire of Magna Carta and led to the offer of the English crown to the prince of France.

Historic Treasures of Uzbekistan: Journey of Discovery along the Silk Road

by  Peter Clarke

Historic Uzbekistan. Genghis Khan came, conquered and destroyed it in the 13th century. Local hero, Amir Temur rebuilt its unique architecture and made it the centre of his great Empire in the 14th century. The Russians and the British spied on it in Victorian times. The Russians kept it under wraps until 1991 and now you can come and explore its hidden treasures. I did just that and this book reveals my experiences.

Trojan Hero & Prince Of Troy: Bronze Age Romance Novels

by  Amarissa Amber Cale

The Beginning commences with two main characters, to whom I have given their own views and voices. It is how they met and fell in love. A tragedy separates the young lovers and the hero, Hektôr, must save his best friend and future wife, Andromakhé, or die in trying to rescue her. What was love and dedication 3,200 years before we were born? Will love have a happy ending? Find out in the first saga of many more to come.

Memories of the Second World War

by  Susie Kearley

A collection of war memories from people who lived through the second world war: a nurse, a cartographer, a farmer, a wren from Bletchley Park and lots more.

Sinagiri: Rajah Kasyapu and the Frescoes at Singiriya

by  Mike Lord

The story is set in 5th Century Sri Lanka – Taprobane as it was then called. A princess from Eritrea becomes the fourth wife of the Raja of Taprobane. The story relates her journey by land and sea, escorted by her brother, from Assaba to Puttulam, and their adventures on the way, even being attacked by pirates! The story continues with her marriage, and her life in the rock fortress of Sinagiri, meaning Lion Rock (nowadays called Singirya).

Resistant: Book One in the "Faces of the War" Collection (The Faces of the War Collection 1)

by  Eli Kale

Rienne, an intelligent young woman from Paris, finds her life changed in the summer of 1940 when the Nazis enter and occupy her home city. Faced with fear and few choices for what she can do, Rienne must act to evade capture by the Gestapo. When she decides to act, she discovers a strength within herself that helps her face tough trials and experiences. But will it be enough to get her through the war?

World War II Plus 75 -- The Road to War (World War II Plus 75 -- A Day-by-Day History Book 1)

by  David H Lippman

Opening volume of a day-by-day history of World War II, tied to the 75th anniversary of humanity's greatest conflict. This volume covers the years before, causes of, and lives that fought the war. It is based on "World War II Plus 55," the author's award-winning website on World War II, which was on the web from 1995 to 2013.

At Hidden Lake

by  P. S. Winn

As 3 friends head to Hidden Lake, everything goes wrong. First Mel breaks her leg, then when Seth and Andrea return to the lake, they find a conspiracy and are in for the fight of their lives. Can they get proof of the secret and get out before it is too late? Grab this amazing thriller and find out!

101 Things Birmingham Gave the World

by  Jon Bounds

From the team behind hit Birmingham miscellany, Paradise Circus, comes the definitive guide to the 101 things that made the world what it is today - and all of them were made in Birmingham. Read how Birmingham gave the world the wonders of tennis, nuclear war, the Beatles, 'that smell of eggs' and many more… 97 more.

Across The Pond

by  Michael McCormick

Across The Pond by Michael McCormick is a novella, a story about a young American who fights for his country during the war in Vietnam, only to be rejected by the very society that sent him off to war in the first place. In the foreword for the book, Ron Kovic, author of Born On The Fourth of July wrote, "This little book grips the reader from the very beginning and does not let go. It is written with the violence and fury of Uris's Battle Cry."

Drake's Treasure: A Real Life Adventure (Nova Albion Series Book 1)

by  Robert Stupack

It took the genius of Sir Francis Drake and an army of men to bury the contents of a Spanish Treasure Galleon somewhere in the land Drake called Nova Albion, and the only evidence they left behind was a small brass plaque that claimed the land for England. It only took one man to unravel the 400-year-old mystery surrounding the treasure's location and contents and he found it in his own backyard.