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The Little Book of Freelance Writing: Writing ideas, opportunities, inspiration and success stories

by  Susie Kearley

- Looking for writing inspiration? - Want to write the perfect pitch? - Keen to learn from other writers? Then this book is for you! It’s full of little gems of information and inspiring stories, to guide you on your writing journey. It covers ideas and inspiration, market demand and writers’ pay, writing mistakes to avoid, finding new homes for articles that get rejected, taking your blog from obscurity to success, rights & contracts.

Freelance Writing: Aim Higher, Earn More: Build on your successes and take your writing to the next level

by  Susie Kearley

This book is aimed at people who have had modest successes in publishing and want to take their writing to the next level.

ebook: Quit Talking, Start Writing! The Procrastinator's Guide for Beginner Writers: 14 Simple Steps to Overcome Perfectionism and Procrastination: Writing Blueprint for Beginner Authors and Writers (B014PWF97W)

Quit Talking, Start Writing! The Procrastinator's Guide for Beginner Writers: 14 Simple Steps to Overcome Perfectionism and Procrastination: Writing Blueprint for Beginner Authors and Writers

by  Kathy Collins, 

Statistics shows that 81% of people want to write their own book someday but most of them were not able to fulfill that dream. Start writing that book you’ve been keeping all this years at the drawers of your mind. I will show you how.

Roxi Needs A Home

by  R.C. Drake

Roxi helps teach Tommy what adoption is about.She is an older dog, an Irish Setter with big fluffy ears and a long beautiful tail.The family that raised her from a puppy, and loved her very much, had to move away to the big city and were unable to take her with them. Tommy finds Roxi at the pound and gives her a new forever home. Roxi, in return, gives Tommy someone to love as she loves him back. Rated G for the entire family to read and enjoy.

How To Sell Digital Products Using Sellfy

by  Diane Ziomek

Anyone who creates digital content should give this platform a try. You are in complete control when it comes down to file type, pricing, marketing and accessibility. Members can register for free and enjoy the perks of keeping the Lion's Share of earnings. Read on to find out more.

How to Turn Words Into Cash

by  Diane Ziomek

The information within the pages of this book will help you turn your love of writing into a career, whether it be a copywriter, freelancer or novelist. You will learn about the types of writing, and be given a list of platforms available for articles, revenue share or books/eBooks. Once you learn the basics, the possibilities are endless.

Freelance Writing On Health, Food and Gardens

by  Susie Kearley

Are you interested in writing for these lucrative markets? This guide will help. In fact, the principles apply across genres, so if you're curious, so dip in and read!

"Your First eBook" Course Second Edition: eBook Construction and Production Made Simple

by  Diane Ziomek

Beginning to write a book can seem like a daunting task. The modules in this eBook/course will take you from the beginning stages of planning your book, right through to the pricing, publishing and marketing. Don't be afraid if you aren't sure where to start - the step-by-step tutorial will help you get through the entire process.

How To Find Your Vital Vocation: A Practical Guide To Discovering Your Career Purpose And Getting A Job You Love

by  Brian Cormack Carr

If you don’t love your work, you deserve better – and with this book at your side, you can get it. A lively and potentially life-changing guide, How To Find Your Vital Vocation sets out a simple-to-follow yet profoundly effective process that will take you step-by-step from wherever you are now to a working life based on your most cherished dreams.

Not-So-Secret Secrets of Success: Lessons in Success from Sages of the Ages (The Not-So-Secret Secrets Series Book 1)

by  Griffin Wynn

Using Napoleon Hills 16 laws of success as a framework to guide the discussion, quotes are presented for each topic. We then compare and contrast these messages. The wisdom of the ages is hiding in plain sight! Get your copy of Not-So-Secret Secrets of Success today.

ebook: Paper in the Wind: Peeling back the lifespan of autism in the wake of tragedy (B00Q1IGSH4)

Paper in the Wind: Peeling back the lifespan of autism in the wake of tragedy

by  Olivia Mason-Charles

Paper in the Wind is a compassionate and riveting story depicting a single father’s dedication to his daughter. In the midst of the overwhelming struggles that accompanied autism, he continues to persevere. Her father’s love enabled her to overcome insurmountable obstacles, discovered the power of love and embraced the gift of life.

Essence of Existence: Brief story of matter and people

by  Paul Roman

A brief and simple narrative introduction into the natural sciences for adolescent youth and lay adults who are interested in these wondrous subjects: origin of the universe, evolution of matter, origin of life, evolution of life, origin of homo sapiens, early evolution of human society. Books dealing with these subjects are usually long and complex. This book elucidates everything comprehensibly in less than 100 pages.

The Time the Flying Car and Inventions Around Us

by  Aleksandr Anufriyev

The Time machine is here! Is it even possible? To travel in Time?! You don't know how to explain to your kids, your friends, your students what does Time mean? In this book, You will find the answers. Book about the Time. Book about the Flying Car. Book about Inventions around us.

Ladies, Choose Your Shoes, A Stripper's Guide to Footwear

by  Tim Campbell

Everything the new or aspiring exotic dancer needs to know about footwear. A stripper's guide to choosing shoes.

The Best Inspirational Quotes: 365 days of Motivation

by  Joseph R. Darby

This collection of wisdom from the world’s greats is sure to encourage and empower you to live life to the fullest each and every day. This book is sure to boost your self-worth, drive success into your life, help overcome your fears, and leave you happier and more fulfilled.

How to Design a Kindle eBook Using Microsoft Word: Format a Kindle eBook Easily Using Microsoft Word; Publish to KDP

by  Thomas M. Hill

This handy Kindle ebook provides guidelines and tips for creating your very own Kindle-compliant book using Microsoft Word. You don't need an special software, and you don't need to hire a formatting services company. Just follow the simple steps and you can format your content, chapters, and table of contents with ease. Add images and publish for upload to Kindle with ease