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How I Kinda' Made it in the Music Business: Be successful with your music by giving.Tips and tricks to succeed with your music career.

by  Ryan Hamner

Learn how musician, Ryan Hamner, capitalized on opportunities that would seem negative to most and succeeded in the music business. Hamner landed a recorded deal, wrote songs for major non-profits, had songs licensed for TV, etc.

Seltzer Lake

by  Jim Stallings

Seltzer Lake is an original screenplay about two hippie couples reuniting to work with troubled kids and their families over a summer and built around the structure of couples in pairs finding a balance in their former troubled lives. What we gradually learn is there is a dance, a kind of liberal social waltz, of twos and fours desperately seeking a tolerance for the stresses and strains on parents and young people in modern life.

Independent Study Episode 1, Where There is Movement

by  Evan Knapp

Bullied for being a gay ballet dancing punk rocker, he runs away from home. Surviving on the streets, he fights to find ways to continue his training. Too young to be on his own, choices carry him into realms that outreach his aspirations, traipse him into worlds most would never visit. The entire memoir spans 30 years. It is a modern day epic about reacting, retreating, and questioning - with help, and sometimes without.

The Star Wars Book Of Lists (The Star Wars Wavelength)

by  Stuart Carapola

Who are the strongest Force users in the galaxy? What were the most irritating "improvements" George Lucas made in the Special Editions of the original trilogy? What were the biggest mistakes that led to the Fall of the Jedi? Who were the Empire’s most inept members? The Star Wars Book Of Lists answers those questions and more, and also includes the special bonus feature Jedi vs Sith: Which Is Really Better?