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Jenner Kosmis

Hello, I write books that delight and teach kids of all ages—from toddlers to pre-teens. Each of my books approaches life on its own terms, in a magical way. While I wrote them with various age ranges in mind, the messages behind the stories are universal.

Michael-Scott Earle

Check my website for monthly give-aways and prizes.

Ed Benjamin

In addition to Harry's War, Ed has written a best -selling nonfiction title to help people get business with the U.S. federal government, a science fiction book, The Mission, and a children's book. His serves as a business consultant helping companies prepare proposals to obtain government contracts for international, federal, and local governments.

Carolyn Arnold

CAROLYN ARNOLD is the international best-selling and award-winning author of the Madison Knight, Brandon Fisher, and McKinley Mystery series. She is the only author with POLICE PROCEDURALS RESPECTED BY LAW ENFORCEMENT™.

Jennifer Bisbing

Told through the eyes of eight-year-old Josie Banks whose recently inherited psychic gifts meld science with the paranormal, Under the Pines is a fast-paced and surprising story of abduction, mistrust, and murder. Author Jennifer Bisbing intertwines her own 1970's childhood memories of life with a renowned forensic scientist into an authentic whodunit.

Donna W. Hill

Donna W. Hill is a novelist, journalist, blogger and songwriter. Her memoirs, articles, stories and poems have appeared in numerous magazines and books. She volunteers as a publicist for the nonprofit National Federation of the Blind and has placed articles about blind people and the issues they face in mainstream media throughout the US.

Laney Smith

Laney Smith is known for creating an emotional bond between her readers and her characters. With relatable story lines and scenarios, Smith leads her reader into believing they have found one of those "I've seen this before," storylines, only to throw a plot twist in, breathing a brand new life into a once seemingly familiar story. With non-stop progression, her readers cannot wait to see what lies ahead, enveloped in page turning excitement.

Lu J Whitley

Once upon a time, in a land far away, a girl was born who was just a little odd around the edges. One thing led to another, and now you're reading her stories.

Susie Kearley

Susie Kearley is a British freelance writer and journalist, working for magazines, newspapers, and book publishers in the UK, USA and internationally.

Nancy Chase

Nancy Chase writes fantasy, science fiction, fairy tales, and paranormal fiction, often inspired by mythology, dreams, folklore, or history. Born in Maine, she now lives in Virginia, USA, with her husband and an ever-changing family of pets.

Gerald M. Kilby

Author of FUSION. An old school technothriller.


Fourteen-year-old Krystal finds herself flailing when her parents separate. Unable to cope, she begins cutting. No one knows. At her new school, she makes one single friend, Em, who invites her to volunteer at the local homeless shelter. There, Krystal discovers fellow misfits, including Brandon, a boy from her school. How can Krystal start a new life when the scars of her old one will never fully heal?