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Oliver D'Alton

I love creating unforgettable characters and plot lines with just the right amount of twist to always keep you guessing. For me it's not just about the grand plots of Kings and Princes which often feature in the fantasy genre, but all the sub- plots and lives of the ordinary common folk. There's nothing better when worlds collide!

Amie Daniels

I'm a very part time author and writing romance, love and lust theme stories sometimes with a little bit of spice ;) can always be found at my laptop with a coffee in hand.

Nix Whittaker

Nix Whittaker is a New Zealand author who lives in central north island in the shadow of a volcano. She has written two series with a third in the works. She is prolific and writes light-hearted science fiction with a touch of romance.

Andrew G. Nelson

Andrew Nelson is a retired twenty-two year veteran law enforcement officer, including twenty years with the New York City Police Department. He is a mystery / suspense author who draws from his career and personal experiences in crafting his characters and stories.

Joe Nickolas Pelech

This is my true story. So each American quote in, "Donald Trump and Voices of the 2nd American Revolution: Make Independent Life Knowledgeable", is for historical documentation and is used in a naked conversational form of expression. Only the sequence of time for each event and American Voice was altered. Think beyond space and time, and you got it. Please understand all the beach goers, including Sophia and Libby, are from my memory of them.

Michelle Knight

Michelle's main career is IT, but as well as being technical she uses her communication skills to bridge the gap between the customers and the systems they use. Her life has taken her on plenty of side-journeys including egg packing, truck driving, delivering meals to the home-bound, sandwich-making, bakery operative and plenty more. She has met many people on the way and brings all this to her characters and stories.

Lisa C. Miller

I write inspirational poetry.. This book was a lot more intense for me as my writing has matured through the different people I have been privileged to meet and different experiences I have had along my journey. I seem to effortlessly be able to relate to others pain and joy and therefore help guide them along their path. I write about the beauty and simplicity of life. I want to reveal the beauty of Christ and life through my writing.

Cindi Walton

Kindness, bullying, family and faith, mixed with whimsy, poetry and adventure, an author with something for everyone

Rob Turner

Rob Turner is a fiction writer living in Cornwall, UK. Married with two children, he has also worked as a biology teacher and bus driver.

E.E. Isherwood

E.E. Isherwood has been a storyteller for over 30 years. As a young teen he would create elaborate imaginary worlds as a Dungeon Master for many Dungeons and Dragons adventures. A life-long enthusiast of apocalyptic fiction, writing about zombies became his passion. He lives in the St. Louis, Missouri area, where his trilogy of zombie books takes place. He considers them practical training for the arrival of real zombies.

Jessica Wren

Jessica Wren is an indie author who loves mixed genres. Her favorite is the thriller-paranormal combination. She also have a special place in her heart for Latin American-style magical realism. Jessica, however, will never turn down a good dystopian novel and, in fact, has a dystopian trilogy in mind as a future project.

Ian Thompson

I love to be entertained by stories that set my blood racing - whether in books, movies, comics or video games - well-written, exciting, fast-paced stories with great characters, plenty of action and intrigue, and twists I wasn't expecting. In turn, these are the kind of novels I seek to write. Published: Paradise Exhumed, a murder-mystery thriller Soon: Era Of Darkness, a fantasy war saga. A horror novel will follow.