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W. R. Watkins is the best-selling author of 'You. Are. Not. Alone.' and of the 'Diary Of The Heart' poetry book series.

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Author Biography

W. R. Watkins is the best-selling author of 'You. Are. Not. Alone.' (4.8 stars - GoodReads) and of the 'Diary Of The Heart' poetry book series.

This Kindle edition of 'You. Are. Not. Alone.' was a Top 15 best-selling Love Poem eBook on Amazon UK.

The first of the 'Heart' series, 'An Obsessive Infatuation' (5 stars - GoodReads), was a Top 10 Best-selling Love Poetry book on Amazon UK, whilst the eBook edition was a Top 10 and Top 25 best-selling Love Poetry eBook in the UK and US respectively.

About the author:

Watkins studied 'Animal Behaviour' for three years at Aberystwyth University (Wales), before graduating in 2014 with Honors, after earning a 1st Class mark for his final year thesis, where he explored the development of personality in humans, and non-humans.

About the author's work:

Watkins presents himself to you (the reader), allowing you into his life, sharing his thoughts and feelings and takes you through his journey of incredible highs, to the lows; through the finding and experiencing of love, to the loss of it. His hope and aim for his work, is for you to be able to connect with his work, and find comfort in the fact that what you are going through, you are not alone. In a sense, he is offering out his hand to you, to guide you through what you are going through.

This running theme can be found in all of his works.

Books by W. R. Watkins

Diary Of The Heart: Little Red Book


This anthology reflects all the highs and lows, Watkins' personal thoughts and feelings, along with demonstrating his creative process when writing his poetry, making this Watkins' most personal collection of work to date. 'Little Red Book' features the stand out poems 'Scar', 'Coming Out', 'The Impossible Gift (Last Christmas)', 'Scent' and more.

Diary Of The Heart: An Obsessive Infatuation


In W. R. Watkins' second anthology, the reader is taken through the discovery of love. From the wishes and dreams of being loved; to the mixed emotions of your first secret crush; to having to let that crush go. Whilst less personal that the his first book, You. Are. Not. Alone., Watkins reveals his heart to the reader, sharing his own experiences in having feelings so strong for someone, they are hard to ignore.

You. Are. Not. Alone.


'You. Are. Not. Alone.' is the debut, semi-autobiographical anthology by W. R. Watkins, which takes you, the reader, through the personal life journey of the author, from his lonely days at Secondary School, to how his life changed for the better, by the time he had graduated University.