W J Gunning

W J Gunning lives on Australia's Gold Coast where as an artist and survivor of three separate breast cancers she aspires to live sustainably. Her novels set in Sydney and the Gold Coast tell poignant, gripping stories of characters dealing with real issues in contemporary urban environments.

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Author Biography

W J Gunning has lived a colorful life as an artist and writer.

She now lives sustainably on Australia's Gold Coast a beautiful setting where inspiration to both paint and write abound.

She loves creating real characters with real issues who will involve the reader as they overcome the obstacles in their lives.

Books by W J Gunning

Redemption Towers


In the nineties when the Gold Coast was Australia's playground four of its most flamboyant players share a dark secret that impacts their lives and the lives of those around them. Over the wealth, power and fame they have achieved hangs a black cloud that at any moment could burst and destroy them all. How and when can they ever find redemption???

Contrite Hearts


Susie has hardened her heart, Melissa wears hers on her sleeve and Kate follows all the rules, but each is finding the eighties tests their boundaries. As the friendship grows between these very different women their lives change in unexpected ways and they find love is not always what is expected.