Valicity Garris

Valicity Garris is the author of Cross Academy and a Youth Pastor at the International Church for ALL People. She runs a blog for her youth ministry which she also uses to post reviews for books of that interest her. Cross Academy is her first YA Dark Fantasy novel, she likes to think of it as a book which combines her faith with fiction.

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Author Biography

Valicity Garris grew up in Western New York helping her family establish their ministry. She has always had an interest in writing, despite having a BA in Psychology. Her faith and interest in magic are her major sources of inspiration and Cross Academy is a product of that combination.

Books by Valicity Garris

ebook: Cross Academy (B0141YR5K8)

Cross Academy


Humanity has battled demons for 350 years now. After witnessing the massacre of her family, sixteen-year-old Fox Fire joins Cross Academy, an institution built for the purpose of slaying demons. Fox devotes herself to demon-hunting but faces a difficult decision when her best friend becomes possessed by one. Fox must decide if she will spare her only companion or remain loyal to the Cross. Either way, the consequences will be devastating.