V.M. Sawh

Since he first picked up a pen at age 6, V.M. Sawh has not stopped traumatizing his readers. He completed his first trilogy of novels by age 16. Presently, he's whipped up a batch of dark & devious little fairy tales that take the legends you know and turns them inside-out. Born in South America, now living in Toronto with his lovely wife and two mischievous cats, V.M. Sawh continues to craft short fiction that both dares and delights.

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Author Biography

It all began with Alan Moore’s “The Anatomy Lesson”.

When I was far too young to be reading such things, I picked up a small, dirty, plastic-wrapped comic digest from my local library. The first and featured story was a piece by Alan Moore which started with the line: “It’s raining in Washington tonight.”

It tells the story of a mad doctor who is awaiting the resurrection of a character whose name I won’t reveal here.

Suffice it to say, I was both horrified and intrigued. My young mind had never encountered such a dark and twisted tale, whose ending at the time shocked me. I remember being transfixed by the power of Alan Moore’s imagery and the depth of his narrative. That story still haunts me to this day.

I first picked up the pencil at age 6 to start creating a few stories of my own. Haven’t stopped since. My first trilogy was completed by age 16. Despite the urging of my Writer’s Craft professor, I never published it. At that time, I found the entire publication industry far more frightening than anything I had ever read.

I graduated from the University of Toronto with an Honours Degree in Psychology and Sociology and a minor in English which included extensive coursework on Short Story Writing, Novel Writing, Cinema Studies and Poetry.

Books by V.M. Sawh

ebook: GR3T3L-1 (Good Tales For Bad Dreams) (B0162QA2B2)

GR3T3L-1 (Good Tales For Bad Dreams)


When they are stranded on the surface of a hostile alien world, two sentient robots H4NS3L-671, a military-minded combat drone, & GR3T3L-1, an advanced surveyor prototype, find themselves with neither memory or mission. With no resources and no backup, the robots must work together to endure the brutal landscape, retrieve their missing memories and plan their own rescue before their power runs out. What they don't know is that they are not alone!

Hontas (Good Tales For Bad Dreams Book 2)


In this rip-roaring Wild West adventure, intrepid bounty hunters Pocahontas and John embark on a dangerous mission to stop a train run by a sadistic, slave-driving madman. When their mission goes horribly wrong, Hontas must undertake a perilous journey to save her partner.

Cinders (Good Tales For Bad Dreams Book 1)


As a slave in the bawdy Black House, Rella longs to escape the whips and chains of her existence. She is chosen for a dangerous mission and offered a chance at freedom. There is only one condition: first she must assassinate the Prince. Suggested for Mature Readers. Approx. 28 pages