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Tina Collins is a published fiction writer, experienced book reviewer and social media marketer for authors. She is currently living in the most diverse city in Europe: London. She is single and is happy to stay that way for the near future.

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Author Biography

An erotic short story competition was the first ever official publication I submitted to. It didn't win but the love of writing erotica, did.

My interests include horror, the paranormal and true crime, so have started to develop my skills in these areas. I will still write erotica but now there will be always an element of terror within. Who knows, maybe erotica will be phased out completely!

In the words of The Tooth Fairy (Francis Dolarhyde):

"You are privy to a great becoming..."

Books by Tina Collins

Sing The Blues: Carnal Desires Meets Death


Sing The Blues is a short story anthology of seven creepy Dark Erotic tales. It is the second book in the trilogy, Symphonie De Mort, soon to be published. Game Play is the first which will be revised and re-published.

Game Play (Symphonie De Mort)


7 Erotic and sizzling stories focusing on same sex and heterosexual couples with a passion for taking chances to a whole new level.