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Tabitha Barret is currently working on her series, "The Third Throne". She blogs about her experiences of writing a series and offers advise to other writers.

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Author Biography

Tabitha Barret lives in New Jersey with her wonderful proofreading husband, her two brilliant children, and four mentally unstable dogs.

Books by Tabitha Barret

We Were Ghosts: The Secret Life of a Survivor


When Alicia meets the new guy in school, there is something about the mischievous look in his eyes that implies he's breaking the rules by talking to her. The rule abused kids live by - don't let anyone into your life. Don't let them see the real you.

The Third Throne: Angel of Fear


There are two voices in his head. One is the sinister Wolf God, who wants him to create a werewolf army. The other is a beguiling beauty who claims she can free him. Who will he follow?

The Third Throne: Angel of Vengeance


When Jericho Rydel died, he swore he would come back. Now he's seeking revenge on his enemies and leaving a path of destruction behind him. Anjali must stop Jericho, but she has bigger problems when Jericho's old gang goes missing from Hell. With the help of a handsome stranger, she must capture the prisoners. Her mission becomes more difficult when she realizes that the prisons have become walking, talking corpses, tied to the Mortal Realm.

ebook: The Third Throne: Angel of Death (B00XOJ09Z0)

The Third Throne: Angel of Death


Anjali’s journey has begun as she searches for ten angels that will help her fulfill her destiny of ending the world. While searching for her troubled Angel of Death, Alazar, she meets a handsome mortal named Derick, a paranormal investigator who has stumbled upon the hiding place of her dangerous angel. She must figure out how to stop Alazar from destroying the town while keeping the alluring mortal safe.

The Third Throne: Angel of Darkness


She is destined to end the world, but her memories have been hidden and the truth has been kept from her. Now the Angel of Darkness will do what it takes to obtain her and selfishly keep her for himself. Will Michelle learn the truth about her true identity and dark destiny? Will she see through Lucifer's lies and become the person she was meant to be?