T.J. Wolf

T.J. Wolf spent 19 years in Healthcare before pursuing his love of Science Fiction. His debut novel, The OOPArt, is book 1 of Plight of the Overlords, a new Sci-Fi Trilogy. His favorite characters are based on real people, whose lives were forever changed by extraordinary events. Students of Ufology will recognize many references to historic sightings and their impact on the world.

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Author Biography

T.J. Wolf grew up in Austintown, Ohio, where his private passions included fantasy art, film-making, special effects make-up and Sci-Fi movies. He graduated from The University of Notre Dame before earning his Healthcare degree at The Ohio State University.

"My love for Science Fiction began with the original Star Trek," says T.J., "Ray Harryhausen inspired me to try stop-motion animation. I created my own Planet of the Apes prosthetic make-up for an unforgettable high school Halloween party. Since childhood, my heroes have always been great storytellers, like Ray Bradbury and Steven Spielberg."

He lives in Boardman, Ohio with his wife and son and a six-pound Yorkie named Bailey, who keeps the family in line.

Books by T.J. Wolf

The OOPArt (Plight of the Overlords Book 1)


Set amidst the turbulent upheaval of the 1970's, The OOPArt introduces readers to Kalinda Earle, a daring young marine biologist whose discovery of an Out-Of-Place-Artifact triggers a world-wide chain of events that could mean the end of life as we know it on planet Earth.