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Sandra Harvey is a Canadian author with a passion for literature and reading. Her preferred genres are fantasy, young adult, and steampunk. She is the author of Sky Knight and The Secret World of Dragons.

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Author Biography

Sandra Harvey is a Canadian author with a passion for literature and reading. She loves writing fantasy, young adult, and steampunk, and often finds herself anxious if she hasn't written anything in a while. Her love for writing began as a child and only escalated as the years passed, becoming an obsession that she couldn't shake. What started as a simple hobby that kept her up at ungodly hours became something more, and soon she was writing books for Amazon, Kobo, and Barnes & Noble. Her name appeared in the local paper and on the cover of several online magazines. She runs a tidy blog on Wordpress, which she updates every week with writing tips, snippets of her work, book giveaways, and the random thoughts buzzing through her head. Her Twitter page is something she considers to be an accomplishment, and reading new tweets about her books is the highlight of most days.

Sandra is currently working on the sequel to steampunk novel Sky Knight, a rewrite of her Secret World of Dragons trilogy (urban fantasy), and a high fantasy series that she's been hacking away at for too long to admit. She aims to have the first two projects done by the end of 2015, though she isn't making any promises on when the high fantasy will be finished.

You can mainly catch her on Twitter, tweeting mostly nonsensical things and the random shameless shout-outs to her book pages. If you stop by her blog to leave a comment, she will answer back in the most normal way possible--yet that too is a promise she isn't willing to keep. Her pet dragon is the cutest in the world and she is always in want of new books and a bookshelf large enough to hold them all.

Books by Sandra Harvey

Sky Knight


Taliah Storme is a sky knight. Her newest assignment to capture a dangerous pirate captain becomes an obsession she can't quit. Yet when they both find themselves trapped in the perilous Lowerlands, they must somehow find a way to work together to return to the Skylands.