Ryan K. Howard

Ryan K. Howard is a writer of cinematic, page-turner novels and short stories in both thriller and horror genres. He lives in Seattle, WA with his beautiful wife, his two youngest kiddos, and a few ghosts that get pretty active when early drafts are read aloud to them.

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Author Biography

RYAN K. HOWARD has worked in Hollywood to help shape the future of movie making. He's worked in the software industry enabling people around the world to be more productive. He's designed huge structures made of steel that reach up into the sky and others that float on the ocean. He's flipped a mean burger or two and has even bused his fair share of tables back in the day. And now he's written a psychological thriller to engage readers with his fresh, cinematically edgy writing style.

RYAN'S GOAL is to get inside your head. He wants to poke your heart and he aims to thump every emotion you have.

RYAN'S ASK is for you to allow him—go on, he double-dares you.

When Ryan's not writing or marketing his fiction, odds are he's probably incubating gnarly software. He lives in Seattle with his beautiful wife and rascally kids and enjoys good food, good drink, and spending quality time with family.

Ryan is currently working on his follow-up novel: a supernatural horror set in the Deep South, spanning 1800s to current day. No doubt even those broad details will change between now and final draft. :-)

Books by Ryan K. Howard

Black Machetes: Short-list finalist of Eric Hoffer Award


Black Machetes is a powerful, page-turning gritty thriller that is at times both shocking and endearing. Written with a cinematic tone that reads like a movie, Ryan K. Howard paints a painfully intimate portrait of a world framed by abuse, tragedy, and inhibited love.