Russell Brooks

Russell Brooks is a former Canadian Track Team member and is currently the author of the Ridley Fox/Nita Parris Spy Series. He is also the author of the standalone mystery, CHILL RUN. When Brooks isn't working on an upcoming novel, he usually spends time playing the violin.

Author Biography

Prior to becoming a writer, Russell Brooks considers himself fortunate that he had the opportunity to be an Indiana Hoosier Track Champion and Canadian Track Team member in both the 100 and 200 meters. It was during Brooks's travels across Canada, the United States, and Europe, that he came up with his story ideas and came up with outlines for his future thrillers which he would later writer.

His BS in Biology from Indiana University helped him to write his first spy thriller, Pandora's Succession, followed by the short story collection Unsavory Delicacies. The latest addition to the spy series is The Demeter Code. So far, it appears that this series is far from over. The standalone thriller, Chill Run, was released afterwards.

What makes Brooks's spy series unique is rather than focus on plots which strictly revolve around political matters—both domestic and international—Brooks is more creative by combining stories that are literally ripped from the headlines and weaving them with hardcore science and producing the most non-predictable plots imaginable. As a result, Brooks's works have been compared to those of a young Michael Crichton, Robert Ludlum, and even Dean Koontz.

Although his goal is to keep readers in suspense by writing edge-of-your seat and page-turning thrillers, he may occasionally dash off a short story, entertain viewers with dramatic readings, or play his violin.

Russell Brooks currently lives in Montreal, Quebec.

Books by Russell Brooks

The Demeter Code (An International Spy Thriller) (Ridley Fox/Nita Parris Spy Series Book 3)


Blamed for a failed op and for the assassination of his top asset, unruly CIA operative, Ridley Fox, coerces his more compliant partner, Doctor Nita Parris, to defy orders and assist him when he alone believes an attack on American soil is imminent.

Unsavory Delicacies (Ridley Fox/Nita Parris Spy Series Book 2)


The second book by thriller author, Russell Brooks, contains three tales of revenge with the common theme of fine cuisine. Two of the three stories involve CIA operative, Ridley Fox, as he not only uncovers the precursors of an international threat, but also recruits an unlikely asset in the process.

Chill Run (A Mystery Thriller)


Framed for murder after a harebrained publicity stunt backfires, fledgling author Eddie Barrow, Jr. seeks the help of two unlikely friends—an alcoholic and a dominatrix—to expose a billion-dollar investment scam before the real killers hunt them down.

Pandora's Succession (An International Spy Thriller) (Ridley Fox/Nita Parris Spy Series Book 1)


Dodging rogue operatives and a doomsday cult, CIA operatives Ridley Fox and Nita Parris are thrown headfirst into a deadly game of spy vs. spy when they learn that a hyperdeadly prehistoric microbe has not only been accidentally unearthed—but also weaponized.