Rose Channing

Rose M. Channing lives in the mansion with Ellie and Savannah most of the time, but when she can get outside her fantasy land, she lives in Oregon with her loud and loving family, a fat lazy cat, and a lot of nonsense-filled notebooks.

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Author Biography

Rose Channing has been a believer in magic and other worlds since childhood, and set out on a journey to bring those other worlds and magic to life. Most of the time, she lives in the mansion with the Senka twins, and otherwise, she lives in Oregon. Her full story will be told in "The Crossworlds Union: Sent From a Dream."

Books by Rose Channing

The Mansion's Family (At the Crossworlds Book 2)


Ellie and Savannah set out for the other world, and discover far more than what they bargained for. While these adventures are difficult enough, there is more trouble back home. When they return to the mansion, there is talk of a battle brewing. The girls discover a secret of their magic, one that will allow them once again to keep the mansion's people safe. But the price may be too high to pay.

The Mansion's Twins (At the Crossworlds Book 1)


Ellie and Savannah ran away from their unhappy homes, thinking they'd return after a brief adventure. Together, they journey to another world. The new world is full of magic, but though it was once beautiful, it is damaged, unbalanced, and dangerous after a terrible storm. Ellie and Savannah may be the only ones with the power to restore the world to its original state, for the magic of twins is rare and powerful.