Robert Friedrich

The kind of writings which you will find here is generally known as a horror, sci-fi and other sub-genres. However it is very narrow description. I like to be challenged with different topics, and I like to write those genres in different perspective. Not always there is a need to have a clear plot from beginning to end. I like to confuse the reader, to encourage him/her to search the details etc. I like to ignite your thirst for more...

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Author Biography

Author Robert Friedrich writes in an array of styles, including Novella’s, Short Stories, Poetry and Screenplays. His books are famous for taking an unconventional route through the darkest of human places and emotions, and are generally driven by fast paced action and direct-from-heart dialogue. His current releases include: The Darkness Within: A Novella, Enlightened by Darkness Anthologies, The Book of Metal Lyrics.
Seed of Evil, his recent novella, is the first part of an entire upcoming Saga. Robert’s each book’s tone, message and a visually rich delivery surprise his wide audience beyond doubt. He also designs book covers and produces trailers.

Books by Robert Friedrich

Seed of Evil: An Ancient Evil Rises (Saga of Evil Book 1)


In the year 2147, a discovery is made below the surface of Mars that could change the very nature of our existence. But when Earth loses contact with the Colony, a team of Marines is sent to investigate and secure it. Do they have what it takes to survive the most ancient and purest form of Evil that has awoken? This is the first part of an entire Saga which combines military action, supernatural elements with horror and fast paced suspense...