Rob Turner

Rob Turner is a fiction writer living in Cornwall, UK. Married with two children, he has also worked as a biology teacher and bus driver.

Author Biography

Rob Turner was educated at Abingdon School and read Natural Sciences at Cambridge before training as a teacher in Edinburgh, where he also learned to drive buses and renovate houses. Other interests include playing bass and guitar, spirituality and religion, walking, cycling, and motorcycling.

Books by Rob Turner

The Knowing: Book 2 of Perception


After the disastrous encounter at the end of Inward, Max and Trudie wake from unconsciousness, to a life of almost incomprehensible strangeness. As the days and weeks unfold, as Trudie's seeing is probed and studied, and they begin to come to terms with an advanced society which has survived from the past, they are caught in a power struggle between the state and the biotechnology company which ‘discovered’ them.

Inward: Book 1 of Perception


When Max and Trudie encounter each other in a ruined, half flooded city, each knows that something inescapable has drawn them together. As they struggle to come to terms with Trudie's demons, and the strange, haunting power which Max senses growing in her, he must ultimately decide whether there are limits to what one person can accept for the sake of another.