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I love reading mysteries, fantasy, romance, westerns and fiction. Drifting into other worlds and other lives is a fun place to be. I also love writing. Writing is my release. Not knowing what is going to happen next is only part of writing. I can go to any world of my choosing, any island or even fit into the tiniest spot, hidden from all eyes. Read! It will awaken so many facets of your life, some of which you may never have been aware of.

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Author Biography

R.C. Drake is my pseudonym, I am Rhonda and glad to meet you. I'm from a small town in Southeast Texas where I operate a small online jewelry business. I'm married with two fine sons, two beautiful granddaughters and a wonderful grandson.

I currently have seven books published, all of which are available in paperback. Five are available in eBook format for your Kindle, Nook or computer. My latest release, "Where Is She Now?" is a murder mystery, set in the beautiful Colorado mountains. It is part romance, part western and all mystery. I am currently working on my Science Fiction/Fantasy series about dragons and mythical creatures, "The Warrior's Dragon. A post apocalyptic setting is the backdrop for this book series.

I thoroughly hope you enjoy my works as much as I enjoy writing them. Visit my website for updates on upcoming releases, or write to me. I love hearing from my Readers.

Books by R.C. Drake

Where Is She Now?


Vicki is out for all that she can get out of life, even if it means killing anyone that gets in her way. She will allow nothing, and no one to stand in her way. Robbie has other plans though, and even if Vicki doesn't want to admit it, he is the one in control. Only time will tell who will come out on top in this relationship, and that is something Vicki may be running out of.

Crystal Clear


Crystal's aura swept in front of Alice's face with the hideous imagery of four eyes sitting in hollowed out eye sockets. The mouth opened wide as if it intended to swallow Alice whole. Black hair billowed all around the drifting image of an inhuman form. A most vociferous sound was emanating from the imagery. The noise, which seemed to resonate from within the shell itself, thundered within the walls and echoed painfully in Alice's ears.

Roxi Needs A Home


Roxi helps teach Tommy what adoption is about.She is an older dog, an Irish Setter with big fluffy ears and a long beautiful tail.The family that raised her from a puppy, and loved her very much, had to move away to the big city and were unable to take her with them. Tommy finds Roxi at the pound and gives her a new forever home. Roxi, in return, gives Tommy someone to love as she loves him back. Rated G for the entire family to read and enjoy.

The Warriors Dragon: The Gift


The Gift, is the first book of the 'The Warrior's Dragon Series." In an effort to right a wrong, mankind has accidentally caused a cataclysmic event to occur. In the aftermath of this event we are given a chance to rectify our mistakes. But will there be enough time and can we learn from our mistakes?