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An Author of the unorthodox and eccentric loner. Fascinated by the interface between the individual and society's expectations of conformity. She sees language as a powerful way of expressing the unique, the emotional, the non conforming, both in the realm of ideas (Involution)and of behaviour. She writes to explore herself through characters and circumstances, sometimes frivolous, sometimes searing ( as in 'Yucatan')

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Author Biography

Philippa Rees, born in South Africa and fatherless by two, experienced the wildest of rural Africa in the care of her grandfather, on safari for weeks inspecting African schools. Otherwise she was imprisoned in boarding schools, for a 'British' education. She has lived on deserted islands in the Indian Ocean; at the Max Planck Institute in Bavaria; lectured to University students; designed and built her home, an arts centre and concert hall; raised four daughters.

She lives in Somerset in her converted barns with an old collie and a long-suffering husband. Her two published works have waited for the distillation of extensive reading and mastery of poetic narrative to capture not merely the Odyssey of Mankind, led by inspired mavericks, but the desire to convey the inspiration through poetic language addressing not only the left (conceptual) but the right (spiritual, metaphoric) brain. It has been christened 'symphonic prose' for it is rich in imagery but not obscure in meaning.

They are 'Involution-An Odyssey Reconciling Science to God which was awarded 'runner-up Book of the Year by the Scientific and Medical Network and 'A Shadow in Yucatan' both revealing the answer to a summoning 'call' for deeper integration. Released from the yoke of this magnum opus she is now concentrating on short stories. She has been finalist in Narrative competitions twice this year (2014) and one (Blerrie Fockin Beautiful) was selected as one of Narrative's five top stories of the year.

Her short stories explore the gulf between Old and New World characters and reactions to similar circumstances, straddling the inexpressible 'gulf' that any immigrant faces.

Books by Philippa Rees

A Shadow in Yucatan


Recaptures the dying sixties, through the voices of her generation, Stephanie walks through pregnancy to pain, finding unexpected friends in unlikely places, and a growing instinct for truth and generosity. A true story, recounted on a beach in Yucatan, this distilled novel rekindles the optimism of innocence when all things still seemed possible. ...enthralling...impossible to put down...IRS Magazine

Involution: An Odyssey Reconciling Science to God


A light-hearted journey through creation's evolution and its legacy:memory. In the company of Reason and Soul memory's recovery is traced through the intuitions of scientific genius. Painters and Musicians keep pace in this sweep of symphonic prose. From early Greece to the dissolution of Modernism mind and matter, first divided , now re-approach their recovered Unity. Adding Involution is adding yeast to flour; it bakes a lighter loaf.