Peter Rowlands

Mystery novelist Peter Rowlands was born and brought up in Newcastle upon Tyne, but has lived most of his life in London. He refined his writing skills as an editor and journalist in the field of logistics, co-owning his own business titles for many years. His debut novel, Alternative Outcome, was followed by a sequel, Deficit of Diligence.

Author Biography

Peter Rowlands says he always intended to write novels, but "life got in the way." Instead, he used his writing abilities as a journalist, editor and PR writer in the field of freight and passenger transport and logistics. Finally he broke away from his old life, clearing enough space to write what he really wanted to all along: "the kind of mystery novel I would want to read myself."

In his first book, Alternative Outcome, Peter throws the highlight on the process of self-publishing itself. Mike, the leading character, has got his first novel online, and before he knows it people are taking his story a little too seriously. Peter uses the opportunity to probe some of the challenges and pitfalls of going it alone in the publishing world.

There's also a logistics background in Peter's first novel, drawing on his lifetime's experience of writing about it - "but it doesn't get in the way of the story," he emphasises. In his second book, Deficit of Diligence, the logistics world again plays a part, but once again, there's an underlying mystery the drives the story forward. "You don't need to understand the background to enjoy it," he argues.

Peter also builds websites (including his own), and plays the guitar (but not that well).

Books by Peter Rowlands

Alternative outcome: Where fact and fiction collide (Mike Stanhope Mysteries Book 1)


Only a few people have read downbeat journalist Mike Stanhope's first self-published novel, but are some of them finding more in it than he ever intended? He can't work out if that's the problem, or if he's upset someone with one of his articles. Either way, he sets out to find the girl who sparked his story in the first place, and that quest promises a new romantic involvement ... but also threatens danger. Fact and fiction quickly intertwine.