Paul VanderLoos

Paul Vander Loos is the author of two fantasy novels in the series The Nine Worlds of Mirrortac. This first book, The Wizard's Sword, is a tale of a simple erfin who finds a magical warrior's sword in the woods near his home, and is launched on a mission of epic proportions. The second book, Three Stones of Destiny, takes him on an even greater mission that continues into the third book (still being written), The Gold Sarcophagus.

Author Biography

Paul Vander Loos grew up in the southside of Brisbane, Queensland, where his love of nature and writing took him north to Hervey Bay and finally Mackay on the eastern Australian coast where he lives today with his wife and daughter. He worked as a journalist for the local newspaper for 28 years before taking a redundancy and freelancing as an editor and writer. His love of fantasy has drawn him to pen a trilogy -- The Wizard's Sword, Three Stones of Destiny, and The Gold Sarcophagus (still in draft form). He has diverged from the traditional races found in other fantasies, and has created his own races of peoples and world-building. He hopes readers will love his epic tales of adventure and magic.

Books by Paul VanderLoos

The Wizard's Sword (Nine Worlds of Mirrortac Book 1)


Mirrortac must lead his erfin folk out of their little valley and through a mountain when evil comes for them and other worlds. A mysterious stranger entrusts him with a mission to take a magical warrior's sword across forest, desert and ocean to complete his task. Monsters and sorcery await him.