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Author Biography

Paul Neafcy was a man. A large man. Hairy. Surly. Vaguely conceited. He liked to try to push shopping trollies up the travelator. You know, the moving ramp at the supermarket that you're supposed to stand still on?

That's the kind of guy he was. A maverick. He didn't do what the establishment expected of him. You know that song, the real angry one? The one with swearing and anti-authoritarian slogans? Paul Neafcy thought that was totally conformist. That's how non-conformist he was.

People say he was raised by wolves, but it's not true. Wolves are pack animals and he didn't need their social pressures, so he booked it out of there and raised himself on a diet of meatballs and soda pop.

He was the kind of guy you want on your side when the chips hit the fan and your back's on the fence. The kind of guy who looks death in the eye and says "I will not die today. Cos I've got plans later this evening maybe come back tomorrow and we can work something out but honestly today is just SUCH bad timing I mean I am so swamped right now or I would totally have time for this but as it is..."

He's also a big fat liar and that's why he thought he should try telling stories. He's written one book so far. Read it and see what you reckon.

Books by Paul Neafcy

The Princess and The Fool


A fantastic tale of destiny, duty, desire and derring-do.