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I love creating unforgettable characters and plot lines with just the right amount of twist to always keep you guessing. For me it's not just about the grand plots of Kings and Princes which often feature in the fantasy genre, but all the sub- plots and lives of the ordinary common folk. There's nothing better when worlds collide!

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Years and years and years ago my first novel, a pulp fiction thriller called The Affair of the Dragon was published. Since then nothing. I became caught up in Academia and all my writing was devoted to the publication of scholarly research works. I’ve finally thrown off the academic yoke and have returned to my first love, writing fiction. Empyryon fits roughly into the genre Epic Fantasy with leanings towards adventure, military fantasy and quest. The golem has its genesis in ancient folklore and the winged Hussars are historical artefacts.

I caught the travel bug at an early age and travelled extensively. During my travels I followed various cultural themes. For example, I followed the Siva myths in India and was ‘initiated’ into some of the mysteries of the rock-cut temples in Mahabalipuram. In Egypt I sought out the step pyramids of Zoser and the temple of Karnak. In Crete I followed up the remnants of the Minoan civilization and wondered about the legends of Atlantis first mentioned by Plato who had learned from the Sais priests of Egypt. And so on.

I have an abiding passion for racing cars and for sailing yachts.

I must confess I am also a stereo nut.

Books by Oliver D'Alton

EMPYRYON: Book 1 The Golem of Wacza


When winged Hussars steal village children for the Emperor's armies, embattled Wacza seeks a mysterious hermit to create a Golem challenging the empire. Colonel Kuntz and his love Natasha defect to the Northern Alliance beginning a perilous quest through the Wood of Suicides, the fierce Hadre and deadly White-Wolves.